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World Mental Health Day
Oct 2019
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Our Diary...

World Mental Health Day

It’s October 10th, which means it is #WorldMentalHealthDay – even the glossiest of people aren’t immune to the stresses of life! So here at Dr.Lipp, we are giving you some top tips to help you de-stress and unwind, so you can focus on your wellbeing and be the best version of yourself!

1. Breathe Deeply – Getting in touch with your body and breath is a de-stressing secret all of those super fit yogis have been on to for centuries! Of course, it makes sense that the extra boost in oxygen you get from deep breathing can slow down your nervous system and help you calm down. Whether you are sitting at your desk or having a bath, it’s super simple way to recharge!

2. Get Enough Sleep – Sleep is oh sooo important in regulating mood and stress response. On average, an adult needs eight or more hours of sleep every night! After a good night’s rest, you’ll wake up refreshed, rested and ready to conquer the day with a big bright smile!

3. Eat Mood-Boosting Foods – If you’re anything like us, then you just crave a bit of mood boosting food! Did you know that having a nibble of chocolate or cake can actually be good for you? Eating these foods releases small amounts of serotonin, causing you to cheer up! Our diet is linked to just about every condition the human body deals with – so, it makes sense that diet is linked to your mood and stress levels, too!

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