Lauren Valenti, digital editor of Marie Claire said “THIS NIPPLE BALM GAVE ME THE BEST LIPS OF MY LIFE”

LAUREN VALENTI, digital editor at Marie Claire wrote this about Dr. Lipp:-
Lauren Valenti

I’ve always prided myself on not giving in to all those ridiculously tempting little products placed not-so-innocently at the checkout line. But during a recent trip to Ricky’s NYC, mecca of all things beauty and beyond, I couldn’t resist walking out with a tube of the Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips that was perched alongside the register. Nipples…lips…can you blame me??

“You’re going to loooove this stuff,” the cashier told me as she rang me up. Full-on beauty experiment mode: Engaged.

Here’s the gist: It was originally created for new mothers who were experiencing sore nipples during pregnancy. Over time, the balm has gone from a staple for nursing mamas to a must-have in makeup artist kits as a multipurpose lip treatment, primer, and gloss, as well as a subtle highlighter for the face.

What sets this beloved, all-natural balm apart from other lip products is its heavy dosage of lanolin, which is virtually as close as it gets to your skin’s natural oils—i.e. instant soothing and hydration.

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