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Why Would a Balm for Nipples Be Good for Lips?
Sep 2016
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Why Would a Balm for Nipples Be Good for Lips?

The Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm is one product that aims to work for both skin areas. The balm is created entirely out of natural ingredients and is therefore a super hydrating and healing formula for your skin. It has natural glossy beauty aid that works wonders like a good quality lip gloss product would on your lips, except that Dr. Lipp is not created from synthetic materials.

When you hear about products like Dr. Lipp, it begs the question – is this moisturizing balm good for lips just as it is effective for nipples?

A Balm that is Not Too Harsh or Dull; But Just Perfect

Balms that are designed for skin areas like your nipples work perfectly for your lips because the skin on your lips is thin, just like the skin around the nipple area, and therefore absorbs more of the product farther in. For a product that is designed for external use will have harsher and more potent ingredients than a product that is made out of ingredients that are not absorbed in toxic quantities. The quantity and the kind of ingredients used in a product for moisturizing nipples is not likely to have chemical compounds that dive in too deep, making the product ideal for your lips.

Experts say that other skin care products can be used on your lips but the fragrances, and preservatives in these blends are not damaging just not healthy for your lips to be exposed to; making a nipple balm a much better and healthier option to alternate for your lip balm. Plus, if you are going for something like Dr. Lipp, you do not have to worry about the harsh chemicals either; the product is made entirely out of natural ingredients.

One Good Moisturizer for Everything

The truth is that there are certain skincare products that are good just for a certain part of the body; however a good moisturizer would be effective on more than one skin surface. This is one of the reasons why beauticians are always recommending that people invest in a moisturizer or a balm that works for all skin surfaces. For people who suffer from dry skin or are prone to have cracked hands and feet, their sensitive areas are just as prone to dryness. The same goes for your face which is the first thing to be exposed to the harsh elements of the outdoors, especially in winters. Therefore, a good moisturizer or balm that works for your nipples can do wonders for your lips as well.

Does Anything Go For Lips?

In olden times, people used to use a bunch of different products to moisturize their lips. These were single ingredients that they also used to moisturize and repair other areas of the skin when it would get chapped or dry and irritating. Lip relief was sought in things like buttery creams, lard, oil etc. However these were not as convenient options as one might think, you do not want to lick your lips while lard is applied to them. This is why a good natural balm that is edible is the perfect solution to all your woes.

The Dr. Lipp balm is one product that works not just for lips but for chapped lips, dry cuticles, skin patches, fine lines, sore and itchy skin, small abrasions and cuts, and as a lip primer for applying your favorite lipstick.