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Why We Love The Pandolly Podcast
Dec 2016
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Why We Love The Pandolly Podcast

Every so often I come across something so fantastically fabulous that I just HAVE to share it, and ohhh darling, this is one of those times! A gorgeous friend of mine (who is eternally on top of all things pop culture) suggested I start listening to the Pandolly Podcast, and within the first five minutes I was absolutely obsessed.

Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton – two outraaageously witty, enviably stylish and brutally honest women – have been brought together by the Sunday Times Style. Pandora is a Fashion Features Editor and Wardrobe Mistress, who seems to know everything there is to know about Taylor Swift, and has modelled herself on early-2000s cultural icon Groovy Chick. Dolly is a dating columnist (alongside an endless list of other, non-Style titles), who somehow aaalways seems to be on holiday and is genuinely considering naming her future child ‘Disco’.

Together, they are so wonderfully witty and refreshingly self-deprecating that it would be terribly difficult for you NOT to fall in love with their weekly musings. They talk about the more serious things happening around us in the most charmingly accessible way, and approach the trivial topics we all know and love – like celebrity gossip and cringe-worthy teenage tales – with the same level of fabulous dedication.

Whether you’re lazing around on the weekend or trying to find a happy place in the middle of your morning commute, I can absolutely promise that the Pandolly Podcast is all the company you need. It feels like catching up with a friend who somehow happens to be completely on top of current events AND know all the latest gossip… but you can do it whenever and wherever you like.

Let’s put it this way – I may be busy but there’s one date I plan on keeping every single week, and that’s with Pandolly.

You can listen to the podcast here, and find Pandora and Dolly on twitter.