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Apr 2018
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Our Diary...


We get so many questions around the name of our product, Original Nipple Balm, so we thought we would take the opportunity to clear things up!

Our product, Dr.Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Dry Skin, Luscious Lips & Glossy Bits’ only ingredient is 100% natural grade lanolin, an ingredient that has been used for centuries but in modern cosmetics and skincare, is used in products like balms, face creams and most commonly, nipple balm.

What is Nipple Balm?

Traditionally, nipple balm is used by nursing mothers who experience sore or cracked nipples during breastfeeding. The purpose of nipple balm is to heal, nourish and soothe chapped and dry skin caused during the breastfeeding period.

Why use Nipple Balm?

Years ago, before our Founder Pontine was diagnosed as celiac, she suffered from incurable sore, dry and chapped skin. Pontine tried every cream available in the market to no avail, before she was recommended nipple balm by a friend, which cured her of her dry skin! Unfortunately, this meant carrying around a large tube of nipple balm with her at all times, much to the amusement of her friends. She then went on to launch Dr.Lipp, using the miraculous hero ingredient in nipple creams and balms, lanolin and created Dr.Lipp, a 100% natural, medical-grade lanolin product in discrete, but chic packaging.

You can use Dr.Lipp for nipple cream or nipple balm as our name suggests, but the majority of our customers love it for healing dry skin (like lips, elbows, cuticles) all over the body!

Heal and comfort your dry skin with our award-winning balm by shopping here!