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Why Natural Lip Balm Is Best
Mar 2017
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Why Natural Lip Balm Is Best

When it comes to lip products, there really is no better way to go than natural. Products applied to the lips are ingested incredibly quickly, so it’s worth taking a little bit of extra care, and in any case natural formulas often tend to do the job much better than their synthetic counterparts!

There are two angles to approach this from, the first of which is the benefits of natural ingredients themselves. By “natural”, in this case we’re referring to ingredients that are as close to the original state in which they’d be found in nature as possible. For instance, Dr.Lipp is made of 100% pure medical grade lanolin, which means it is exactly as it’s found in nature, but purified to remove environmental toxins and pollution. Filtered, not processed.

A key benefit of naturally occurring substances is that they’re often used because they’re already proven to serve a particular purpose – tried and true, if you will. Put simply, rather than spending years trying to synthetically create something with healing and moisturising properties, it makes far more sense to find a substance in nature that’s already doing that job, and find a way to harness it. Nature knows what it’s doing.

The second thing to consider is that a truly natural lip balm should be free from any nasties you may find in other products. Especially on a sensitive area like the lips, there’s a high chance of chemical-heavy products causing irritation or even allergic reactions, and (best case scenario) leaving your lips feeling more dry than they did beforehand. Being able to look at the ingredients list of a product and identify what each item is creates a certain level of peace of mind, and it’s often a case of ‘the fewer, the better’.

There will always be exceptions to the rule “nature knows best”, but not when it comes to lip care. Lanolin is closer to the molecular composition of our own skin’s oils than anything scientists have been able to artificially create, and that gives it restorative benefits that are – quite frankly – unmatchable. Best of all, you know what you’re getting, and you know it isn’t going to do anything but good.