Who is Dr Lipp?
Feb 2016
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Who is Dr Lipp?

Dr.Lipp is a cartoon doctor who is much loved by women all over the world for solving their little problems, which by the way are often actually not that little. He has a brilliant mind and has nobly dedicated his life to womankind. He endeavours to find natural solutions for women of all ages.

Dr.Lipp just makes life so much better – and women love him. ( and a growing number of men too… of which men have taken a natural liking to too).

At HQ we took the liberty of asking Dr.Lipp some questions:

Hi Dr.Lipp! We know you would do anything to please any woman. But tell me, what women inspire you to do your work?

Every woman has an innate beauty, simply by being a woman. It is the essence of this soft but utterly determined beauty that I can’t help but love. You can observe it so obviously in The Queen of England. She is fragile in form but unequivocally constant in our changing world – her pastel coloured outfits pay no attention to the whims of fashion. Her essence is pure grace, pure love, and pure beauty even in her older years.

For more examples have a look at the Crush page on my website to see the beauty of more women I love.

The Queen

Dr Lipp is unisex and for all ages! What is your Dr Lipp Tip – for men?

It makes an excellent moustache wax. I use it to keep mine tamed, otherwise it develops a mind of its own. I need to keep it under control so I can concentrate on looking through microscopes. These days during November you can’t walk down the street without a moustache bristling in your face – all for a good cause of course – and I think those men could do with a bit of my Original Nipple Balm. It keeps the skin underneath conditioned as well, which is important. Same goes for eyebrows – keeping them in good condition is essential!

What’s your favourite thing about working in beauty?

Helping all the beautiful women who use my products – I like to imagine little tubes of Dr Lipp up and down the country, next to beds, in medicine cabinets, on shelves, in handbags – we’re healing the world’s chapped lips and dry skin, one woman at a time. I get quite tearful imagining a world without our balm.

Who did you last kiss?

My pet lamb Norman – it wasn’t intentional, I got within tongue range by accident. A solid lick was therefore inevitable.

What makes you blush?

I still blush when people say Nipple Balm – even as a man of science, it still tickles me!

Are there any ladies in your life that you can tell us about?

I have lots of female fans but sadly I’ve just been too busy with my research to have a partner. I hope one day I will find her. So for the moment it’s just Norman and I going on long walks in the countryside, she sits close by me when I reading with a glass of port, or doing a crossword. I can even do the cryptic ones.