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What Is The Best Natural Lip Balm?
Jul 2017
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What Is The Best Natural Lip Balm?

With more of us steering away from synthetic alternative than ever before, one of the most pressing questions being asked is what IS the best natural lip balm? Ultimately, it really depends what properties you’re looking for. If you want a fruity smell and a shocking wash of colour, we probably can’t help you. However, if you’re after something that actively soothes, nourishes and repairs your lips whilst still providing a fabulous glossy sheen and enhancing your natural colouring… look no further!

Dr.Lipp’s trusted ingredient, lanolin, is an absolute hero. It has hundreds of uses, from medicine to pharmaceuticals to beauty, and has been in use for almost 2000 years. That’s right, two thousand. The first documented mention of lanolin is from 90A.D. and we’re still using it today, because it just. works.

Not to get too scientific, but the molecular composition of lanolin – which is the substance that naturally protects sheep’s wool and skin from the elements – is about as close to the composition of our own natural oils as it’s possible to get, and because of that it’s extremely compatible with human skin.

Used medically on everything from cuts to burns and persistent skin conditions like eczema, Lanolin soothes and protects lips, whether they’re severely chapped or just a little on the dry side, whilst also speeding up the healing process that our skin carries out naturally. Put simply, lanolin helps your lips to help themselves, instead of creating a dependence lip some other less compatible substances.

Hydrating properties aside (though why you’d want to ignore them I can’t imagine), Dr.Lipp also looks incredible on the lips. Giving a subtle, natural sheen and bringing out the natural colour of your lips, it’s the perfect no-fuss beauty fix. The rich formula stays put for hours on end, leaving lips feeling hydrated and smooth even after it’s gone, and contains absolutely no additives whatsoever, so there’s next to no chance of it irritating your skin and causing further dryness, unlike some synthetic alternatives.

Ultimately, the question of which natural lip balm is the best natural lip balm depends on who you ask… all we’ll say is we’re not called award-winning for nothing. 😉