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What Is The Best Long Lasting Lip Gloss?
Jul 2017
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What Is The Best Long Lasting Lip Gloss?

There is absolutely nothing that can kill a feel-good vibe faster than being in the midst of a fabulous night out and having to duck away to reapply your lip gloss… apart from going to grab it and realising you’ve left it at home! Yes, sometimes these scenarios are unavoidable, but there is one saving grace that can make them a lot less likely: long lasting lip gloss.

We’ve all been there, done that, tested a thousand different formulas to varying degrees of success. But what really is the best long lasting lip gloss? The answer may surprise you, because the truth is… it’s not actually entirely the gloss that makes the difference!

The secret to glossy, healthy looking lips is not necessarily in the product itself, but the actual quality and state of your lips! Applying gloss over severely chapped lips, for example, is never going to look quite right. Similarly, if your lips are plump, supple and moisturised, they’ll be looking fabulous – even after your gloss has started to wear off.

This is why Dr.Lipp is your saviour in more ways than one. Sure, you can use it on its own – its signature shine brings out the natural colour in your lips, and lasts up to 8 hours. You can also mix it with pigments, liners and lipsticks to create a custom shade of long lasting, moisturising gloss, and if your heart is absolutely set on pulling out that old favourite gloss that matches your look perfectly but may not have the lasting power you want, never fear.

Using Dr.Lipp to prime your lips and keep them as moisturised and healthy as possible with actually assist other glosses to stay looking gorgeous for much longer than they would on their own. As for you? You’re gorgeous with or without the gloss, darling. …But a little Dr.Lipp never hurts!