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What is Medical Grade Lanolin?
Dec 2014
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What is Medical Grade Lanolin?

Medical Grade Lanolin is Lanolin that has been purified from environmental pollutants to such a degree that it can be used in pharmaceutical products. Which basically means it is extremely pure.

Unfortunately we no longer live on a ‘clean’ planet and there are many airborne and waterborne, toxins that our sheep can compe into contact with. Not to mention toxic substnaces that can be carried over from the farming industry and that are sometimes used to help protect sheep from infection etc. Also Lanolin in its raw form is a smelly substance, and rather like water needs to be purified before bottling. So this is what we do.

This involves several washing steps of the raw wool grease and molecular distillation. The degree of purification from environmental pollutants determines the type of lanolin. In our Original Nipple Balm for Lips we use the highest grade of lanolin i.e. ‘the Rolls Royce of Lanolin’, which we call ‘medical grade lanolin’. It is so pure, it is also used by pharmaceutical companies in pharmaceutical creams.