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What is Lanolin?
Jun 2014
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What is Lanolin?

Lanolin comes from sheep’s wool. It is extracted from the sheep’s fleece after the sheep have been shorn during the summer months. It is what sheep naturally produce to protect their fleece and skin from the harsh winter months or hot summers. A substance that sheep have developed and perfected over thousands of years of evolution.

How is it made?

In its raw form Lanolin is a smelly substance, and rather like water needs to be purified before bottling. So this is what we do. This involves several washing steps of the raw wool grease and molecular distillation. The degree of purification from environmental pollutants determines the type of lanolin. In our Original Nipple Balm we use the highest grade of lanolin i.e. ‘the Rolls Royce of Lanolin’, which we call ‘medical grade lanolin’. It is so pure, it is also used by pharmaceutical companies in pharmaceutical creams.


Today Lanolin has become a relatively scarce substance as society’s demand for cheap synthetic fibres has become more popular, shrinking the wool trade and making the economics of sheep farming less profitable.

We use Lanolin that comes from Australian sheep who graze freely and whose fleeces are not marked with toxic paint. We do no testing on animals and are big animal lovers! Our tubes are recyclable and one day we hope to be able to provide a biodegradable tube too!