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What Is ‘Hygge’ & How Do I Embrace It?
Nov 2016
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What Is ‘Hygge’ & How Do I Embrace It?

From superstar fashion bloggers to enviable interiors… honestly, is there anything about Scandinavia that isn’t absolutely amaaaazing? There’s just something special about that part of the world that makes us instantly want to be part of whatever it is that they’re doing, and one of the biggest trends of this winter is perfect proof of just that! ‘Hygge’ might be a hot new buzzword for most of us, but in Denmark it’s a natural way of life. Since Dr.Lipp’s phenomenal founder Pontine Paus has Scandinavian roots herself, we thought it was only fitting that we look into just why everyone seems to be falling in looooove with hygge!


What is hygge?

To put it simply, darling, there’s no direct translation. It’s more of a feeling or an atmosphere than anything else, which makes it raaaather difficult to explain. Think of the feeling you get when you change into warm clothes after getting caught in the rain, then imagine yourself sitting in front of a roaring fireplace, and add in a hot cup of tea carried over by someone you love. That warm, cosy feeling of absolute contentment? That’s hygge. Or as close to my understanding of it as I can possibly explain!

How do I embrace it?

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably already surrounding yourself with a sense of hygge during the colder months without even realising it! Think effortless, simple pleasures (how very Dr.Lipp!) like these:

Candles – One of the mooost important staples in any Danish home! Whether they’re big or small, Jo Malone or Ikea, a candle-lit glow adds a warm ambience to any room. Bonus points if the scent makes you feel cosy, too!

Throw Blankets – Fabulous for decoration, even more fabulous for snuggling up on a cold night with someone you love. The thicker, softer and fluffier the better.

Warm Drinks – Your favourite herbal tea and a book? Hygge. A mug of hot chocolate and a film? Also hygge. Sharing it with someone you adore? Darling, it doesn’t get much more hyggeligt (hygge-like) than that!

Investing In Loungewear – Think silky pyjamas, fluffy slippers and thick, cuddly knits. Embracing the spirit of hygge is all about self-love and feeling good, so there’s no reason not to put just as much care into your at-home wardrobe as the clothes you wear outside. If ever there were an excuse for cashmere socks, this is it. Treat yourself, gorgeous, you deserve it!

Time With Loved Ones – Whether this is cooking for your family or inviting friends over for an evening in, taking time to simply be present with the people who matter is at the very heart of hygge. After all, love is all you need! (…and Dr.Lipp of course!)

Most importantly, relax and enjoy it! There’s no room for rushing and stressing in your new hygge-fied life. And there you have it! Next time any of your on-trend pals decide to steer things in a Scandinavian direction, you’ll be more than prepared to dazzle the crowd with your brand new knowledge. Only they needn’t know it’s new… as far as they’re concerned, you’ve always been this brilliant.

Photo by Debora Rosa