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What Is Beauty?
Nov 2016
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What Is Beauty?

We’ve allllll heard the clichés – beauty is in the eye of the beholder, beauty is skin deep… but what does that really mean? It’s all nice enough to value what’s on the inside, but it would seem terribly naive to disregard appearance entirely. Well, the Doctor knows I’ve been thinking about this lately, so he sent me this video of Dr. Michio Kaku explaining what it is that we really find beautiful, and oh darling, it was certainly a pleasant surprise!

Forget about strategic Facebook statuses and spending hours stressing over your eyeliner, apparently what reeeaallly matters is your health! Being Dr.Lipp’s Girls, we already had a hunch or two about natural beauty, so this is fabulous news! Yes, according to Dr. Kaku, a big part of the reason we’re so attracted to certain people is that we subconsciously pick up on things about each other that signal how healthy we are, both physically and in how we act.

If you absolutely need to get scientific I suppose it’s part of our nature in order to give us the best chance of identifying a ‘suitable mate’… but that’s a bit of a bore, darling! I prefer to think of it as wanting to find someone to spend our lives with who’s as fabulous and fun as possible; after all, what better way is there to show how healthy and alive you are than to reeeaally live?!

Being confident and carefree is beautiful, and so is being completely content in yourself. Being able to laugh and have fun, no matter where you are or who you’re with is stunning, and there’s NOTHING more gorgeous than a big smile and sparkling eyes. I know I can’t be the only one who sometimes forgets to focus on myself… but not anymore!

If I’ve learnt anything from The Doctor it’s that once we make ourselves, our health and our happiness the main priority, everything else will fall into place. Oh yes, it all sounds very optimistic, but what’s wrong with that? I’ll never say no to a healthy glow… especially if I happen to fall in love along the way.