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What Does ‘Natural Cosmetics’ Mean?
Nov 2016
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What Does ‘Natural Cosmetics’ Mean?

Haven’t you heard, sweetheart? The natural lifestyle is taking over! Acai bowls, hot yoga, Alicia Keyes going makeup-free on the red carpet… it’s almost impossible NOT to Go Natural these days. But what does that actually mean? The problem with absolutely EVERYTHING being labelled ‘natural’ is that it starts to lose meaning, and I know I can certainly start to feel a bit overwhelmed.

So let’s focus on something we all know and love: cosmetics. Oh how we love to let our natural beauty shine through, and sometimes the best way to do that is to highlight our perfections with a subtle, natural glow. But as often as we hear the words thrown around in our day-to-day lives, do any of us really know what ‘natural cosmetics’ actually means?

Everyone, their mother and their best friend’s adorable-if-slightly-yappy sausage dog has a different idea of what really counts as ‘natural’, but Dr.Lipp’s take is as pure and simple as his Original Nipple Balm.

Surprisingly there are no set-in-stone rules about what can and can’t be considered ‘natural’, but Dr.Lipp’s Original Nipple Balm is about as authentic as you can get – he’s taken what nature created and left it virtually untouched, apart from removing pollutants and nasties that have noooo place being in there in the first place. You won’t find any synthetic preservatives, pesticides or additives where he’s concerned; really, it almost ends up more natural than if he’d never touched it at all!

The Doctor always says that nature knows best, and darling, between you and me, he is absolutely right! I can’t imaaaagine how tired my poor skin is of being slathered in ingredients I can’t even pronounce, and I shudder to think of how many chemicals have made their way into my beauty routine over the years. It’s soooo lovely to know exactly what I’m layering on my lips, and even lovelier to know that not a single molecule has been poked or prodded out of shape.

From vegan to freegan and back again, everybody has their own idea of what ‘natural cosmetics’ means to them, and gorgeous, that’s alright! As long as it feels right to you, that’s all that really matters.