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Weird Beauty Tricks Through History
Dec 2016
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Weird Beauty Tricks Through History

The Doctor’s love of beauty is infectious. He is so passionate about finding new ways for people to look and feel beautiful, inside and out, and it’s hard not to be inspired! I must admit, I got a bit curious about the different beauty tricks women have used over time, and darling… I couldn’t believe my eyes. Here are just a few of the absolutely outrageous things I found!

Egg White Facelift

Before the days of Botox and super serums, Elizabethan women used to give themselves a temporary facelift by slathering their skin in egg whites! As the whites dried they would tighten and smooth the facial skin – not the most natural of effects, but it got the job done. Egg whites are actually quite moisturising, so I wouldn’t see any harm in trying this out as a face mask, though I prooobably wouldn’t suggest leaving the house without washing it off first!

Citrus Eye Drops

In Victorian times it was considered absolutely beauuutiful to have big, watery doe eyes, and one of the ways women would achieve this was squirting citrus juice into their eyes. It was certainly better than the poisonous alternative (belladonna, otherwise known as ‘deadly nightshade’), but darling, they really did bring new meaning to the phrase “beauty is pain”!

Crocodile Dung Facials

The ancient Egyptians had some fabulous beauty tricks, but one that I don’t personally think I’ll be recreating was a facial mask made up of donkey’s milk and crocodile dung. I think I’ll stick with my own natural remedies, thank you!

A Pinch of Colour

During times throughout history when makeup has either been frowned upon or just completely unavailable, women would bring out the natural colour in their cheeks and lips by biting or pinching the skin. I think I’d much prefer less-painful historical blushes like beet juice or strawberries… but I’d probably stay away from the mercury they used in the 1600s. All that just for a little colour!

I must say, I’m awfully glad to be living in a time when natural, safe cosmetics are so easy to find! While I may try an egg white moisturising mask one day, I think I’ll be giving the others a miss.