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Top ways to use our Original Balm!
Mar 2019
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Our Diary...

Top ways to use our Original Balm!

Oh darlings, we know just how much you adore our super moisturising multi-award winning balm! But did you know you can use the 100% natural formula for more than just  long lasting lip balm? Our wonder ingredient, medical grade lanolin is arguably natures best moisturiser! Lanolin has been used for centuries and has been proved to be almost identical to our skin’s natural oils. Check out our top tips for using our famous Original Nipple Balm:

Use as a eyebrow gel to get your them looking on point!

For dry patches all over! Rub into any rough skin to keep looking and feeling supple.

Use as an eyelash conditioner to maintain healthy peepers.

An all natural alternative to glitter glue