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Mar 2018
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Our Diary...


Reading Sunday supplements is one of our favourite weekend activities, so you can imagine how delighted we were to see we had been mentioned in this weekend’s Sunday Times Style supplement! Liz Hamilton included us in her informative and interesting article, Is Lip Balm Doing You More Harm Than Good?

Liz discusses the addictive cycle of lip balm and how lips, which have no oil glands, can become reliant on some lip balms which just provide a barrier, rather than hydrating. The solution? Lanolin, of course! Lanolin’s molecular structure is very similar to the skin’s, and can therefore work with the skin to hydrate, making it one of the best (we think the best), hydrators for the skin. You can read more about Lanolin here.

Dry, chapped lips? Get our miraculous balm here!

If you missed us on Sunday you can read the article in full right here.

Thanks, Liz! Xx