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Mar 2018
Cloud and hearts

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“Is lip balm addictive” is a question we are regularly asked and it seems that the Daily Mirror’s Amber Morales has experienced this for herself.

In a recent column she wrote, “Once I had a very unhealthy lip balm addiction. I was a 12 applications a day girl. But it only seemed to make things worse. Apparently traditional balms draw moisture away from the lips making them drier. But then someone told me about Dr.Lipp and I was cured overnight. Thanks to the medical grade lanolin, his formula forms a protective barrier and nourishes at the same time – and one tube lasts for ever.”

Wow, what a wonderful mention, Amber! Thank you so much! We’re so pleased to hear that your lips are now flake-free and wonderfully nourished thanks to Dr.Lipp!

Step this way for our non-addictive, nourishing balm!