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The Best Kisses
Feb 2017
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Our Diary...

The Best Kisses

Regardless of whether you buy into the Valentine’s Day hype or not, there’s never a bad time to be in love, and what better way to celebrate that than to follow our last post on the Worst Kisses with a list of the BEST!

The Good Morning Kiss

Simple but so significant. When you wake up next to someone, and although you may not look your best and there’s a definite danger of morning breath, their first instinct is to show you they care. Still half asleep, it’s a perfect start to the day!

The Covert Kiss

There’s something extra special about sneaking a kiss without anyone knowing. Whether it’s a quick smooch around a corner when you’re hanging with friends who don’t know you’re together yet, or a cheeky coffee break rendezvous at the Starbucks between your offices, everything’s a little bit more exciting when it’s a secret.

The Bucket List Kiss

Everybody has at least one person who feels like unfinished business. You may have had a crush on them in year nine, or it could have been a holiday fling you’ve always wanted to revisit one more time. This kiss feels like you’re finally ticking the last item off a checklist. Satisfaction guaranteed, and a 10/10 for closure… most of the time.

The Tension Breaking Kiss

Do I even need to explain? Whether it’s a will-we-won’t-we second date or a friendship headed in a new direction, we’ve all experienced that moment when someone finally takes the plunge and the ice is well and truly broken. It’s amazing the difference one little kiss can make!

The Last First Kiss

When you know, you just know. Some of us have had it, and for some of us it’s yet to come – the moment you lock lips for the very first time and immediately know you’ll never want another first kiss again.