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Feb 2018
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Our Diary...


For make-up inspiration, heading to our favourite celebs latest red carpet looks and instagrams are always our first port of call. We love a nude glossy lip, with just our favourite multipurpose balm to keep it real, but can be easily swayed by a brilliant blue or classic red pout too! Here are 10 celebs to give you a luscious dose of lip inspo!

Angelina Jolie

Ange, also known as the lip queen at Dr.Lipp HQ, has one of the most enviable pouts in showbiz. Just look at those pillow-y lips! We could kiss the Mr and Mrs Smith star right on them! Angelina has had her fair share of scandals but she continues to inspire with her amazing charity work.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson has often been compared to the iconic Marilyn Monroe for her classic beauty and blonde Hollywood waves. In recent years she’s been hailed quite the star among comic book and sci-fi fans for her roles in the Avengers franchise, Ghost in the Shell and Lucy, but she holds a place in our hearts for her appearance in Justin Timberlake’s What Goes Around Video!


Marilyn Monroe

We couldn’t mention the legendary Marilyn Monroe and not include her in this list! The astonishing beauty that was Ms Monroe broke hearts across the world when it came to her untimely death in 1962. The blonde bombshell’s legacy lives on in Hollywood, as do her astonishing looks. Marilyn’s lip tips? Say “prune” in photos to get the best pout. Pruuuuuuneeee…

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

For incredible bee-stung lips, look no further than the insatiable beauty that is Rosie Huntington-Whitely. The M&S model recently welcomed her first child with actor Jason Statham, and has also walked in several Victoria’s Secrets shows.

Ashley Graham

Plus-size model Ashley is a girl after our own heart. She recently revealed her latest campaign in which she models swimsuits with her mother and has also appeared on may glossy magazine covers. Did we mention she has one of the most voluptuous pouts in town? Gorgeous!

Jennifer Hudson

We just adore Jennifer Hudson! Jennifer rose to fame after appearing on American Idol and we are in awe of her talent. She also appeared as Carrie’s assistant in Sex and the City (receiving a Louis Vuitton mag for her work, no less. Hey Doctor, take the hint!) and stole the show in Dream Girls, winning an Oscar for her role! Jennifer has a knack for making any shade of lippie look incredible and for that, Jennifer, we salute you!

Chrissy Teigan

Chrissy Teigan – one of the most beautiful humans to ever walk this planet, Donald Trump-troller, and comedic genius. She’s also mother to super cute Luna Lennon and the owner of one of some of the most kissable lips in celebsville.


Superstar Rihanna has some of the prettiest lips in pop and recently created her own beauty line, Fenty Beautiful which has been met with critical acclaim for its amazing formulas and inclusive shade range. We love seeing her sporting in her gorgeous hues!


Kim Kardashian

Love or loathe, you have to admit that Kimmy K has some of the most glorious lips in the game. Her signature nude glossy look wins us over every time, perfectly paired with a killer contour. Should that be killer kontour?!

Gemma Chan

We have to admit a slight girl crush on Gemma Chan; she’s a brilliantly talented British actress who has appeared in some of our favourite TV shows: Humans, Fresh Meat and Secret Diary of a Call Girl, as well as the film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find to Find Them. We adore Gemma’s make-up – it’s always impeccable and her lips are absolutely luscious.