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The Best £12 Lip Balm Ever!
Nov 2018
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The Best £12 Lip Balm Ever!

These days there is 1,001 things to choose from when it comes to lip balm…finding the right product for your dry, winter lips is a challenge in it’s own! But thank heavens for Dr.Lipp, sweethearts!

“Space NK shoppers, however, reckon they’ve found the answer, in the form of a £12 tube of balm that has more than 100 5-star ratings on the luxury beauty website, and uses natural ingredients to hydrate and heal in a matter of minutes. Reviewers call the tube a ‘lifesaver’, and frequently praise its rich, thick texture and long-lasting results. So, if your lips are feeling as battered by the weather as ours, what are you waiting for?”

Follow the link here to read the full article!