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Summer Skin
Jul 2020
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Our Diary...

Summer Skin

Summer is here, and for many that means glowing skin is top of the list of must-have beauty. It’s all about getting that natural glow to make your skin pop in the glorious sunlight to turn dull looking skin into a glossy and dewy glow! Dr.Lipp’s Superfood Tints are the ultimate multi-use skincare solution to get your skin looking hydrated and healthy. From a glossy lip balm, dewy tinted cheeks and a subtle glossy lid, Dr.Lipp’s multi-purpose balm is the perfect solution. More than just a lip balm with tint, this all round glossy formula is perfect for all over tinted glow!

Made from edible plant based pigments from Sweet Potato, Elderberry and Red Radish, our 100% natural formulas are packed full of hydration and natural colour. More than just a lip balm with tint, our Superfood Tints provide a pop of natural coloured glow wherever you desire! Combined with the wonders of 100% medical grade Lanolin which deeply penetrates the skin for ultimate hydration, your skin will be feel the benefits of nourishment, with the added bonus of tinted colour! And perfect for summer skin, when you want lightweight skincare and makeup, all you need is Dr.Lipp’s Superfood Tints! Say goodbye to heavy moisturisers that just sit on the surface of your skin, and helloooo to lightweight and heavenly moisturising formula with Dr.Lipp!

Choose between the beautiful natural pink of Sweet Potato, the fresh coral of Red Radish or sexy burgundy Elderberry (or all 3) for the ideal dewy summer glow. Shop here! You know you want to darlings…

Dr.Lipp believes that skincare doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective – so Dr.Lipp are devoted to making high-potency products with few but excellent ingredients! And what’s better!? Each natural ingredient is fully exposed so you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin