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Stay Hydrated In Winter
Jan 2017
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Stay Hydrated In Winter

The Doctor knows practically everything, but if there’s one thing he knows particularly well, it’s the benefits and importance of hydration. After all, he lives and breathes for lanolin, darling. Around this time of year his obsession always steps up a notch, and this time around I’ve become a convert too. Everyone is up in arms about staying hydrated during the summer months, but we often forget about it in winter! It may be cold and rainy outside, but indoor heating means that we’re exposed to a constant flow of dry, recycled air, and that can take an awful toll on a person!

Water intake is the key to so many wonderful things in life. Not only does drinking enough water do the obvious jobs of keeping us alive and making sure all our organs are working the best they possibly can, but there are superficial benefits too! Drinking plenty of water will make Dr.Lipp’s job a lot easier by keeping chapped lips at bay, and your skin will be bright, smooth and – obviously – hydrated!

The exact recommended daily water intake varies from source to source, but general consensus is a bare minimum of 2 litres per day for women. If you’re doing a job that requires you to speak a lot, or if you’re a singer or actor, you’ll want to add at least another litre on top of that to keep your vocal chords hydrated, and also up your intake based on how much physical activity you’re doing.

For an extra boost of hydration for your hair, use a deep treatment mask once a week, and once you wash it out give your hair a quick rinse with cold water to seal the cuticles. It may not sound like the most appealing suggestion in the middle of winter, but trust me, your smooth, shiny hair will be thanking you for it afterwards!

Finally, for any sneaky dry patches – I know I sometimes have issues with the skin around my eyes when it’s cold outside – pop on some Dr.Lipp before you go to sleep and let it sink in overnight. Couple it with a night serum or a hydrating mask and you’ll be feeling brand new by morning.