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Spring Clean your skin with Dr.Lipp
Mar 2020
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Our Diary...

Spring Clean your skin with Dr.Lipp

Spring has drawn upon us Darlings! That means that it’s time to rejuvenate and Spring Clean our skin!

We reveal our 3 Magic Spring Clean Tips for detoxing your skin this March!


Say bye to dry skin a remnant of colder days, and embrace the habit of exfoliating; to breathe new life to your thirsty skin.

By exfoliating we remove old dry skin and bring forth a beautiful glow. Moisturisers work better on our skin as well so that

doubles our glow! Try our Miracle Balm the Original Nipple Balm for added moisture and gloss!

Dig out the Sunscreen!

With the storms being hopefully over! That means brighter days are heading towards us! Protect your precious skin

from the damaging rays of the sun by adding Sunscreen to your face, neck, arms, legs, and any other areas exposed to the sun.

Always choose sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 30. If you happen to catch the sun a little bit more and get sunburnt

apply some of our Nipple Balm! The lanolin will quickly bind to your skin and speed up recovery!

Drink more water!

Spring means longer days, more sun and more walking. Which all subsequently lead to dehydration darlings.

To avoid its potentially adverse side effects stay hydrated at all times by carrying a water bottle on walks and to work.

If you find yourself forgetting how much water you drink daily investing in a good mobile app should do the trick.

Speaking about hydration give your skin the nourishment it deserves by applying one of our beloved mutli-award winning tints!

Great for some natural colour and hydrated glow!