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So…What is Lanolin?
Oct 2018
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Our Diary...

So…What is Lanolin?

Lanolin of course is our main hero ingredient in all Dr.Lipp’s gorgeous products – but what exactly is it you may ask?

Famous for over hundreds of years for its long lasting moisturising effect and bio compatibility with skin, Lanolin is arguably the worlds’ best natural moisturiser. Made from Aussie free roaming sheep’s wool which is shorn in the summer months to keep the happy sheep cool, Lanolin is the by-product of the rinsing process.

We are super sustainable (hooray!) because we are making use of a magic product that would otherwise be thrown away! The Lanolin is then cleansed again from environmental pollutants. There are several different grades of Lanolin depending on the level of cleansing. We use ultra pure Lanolin that is of medical grade standards and is approved for use in medical applications.

It’s basically the Rolls Royce of Lanolin!