So exactly what is Lanolin again?
Apr 2016
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So exactly what is Lanolin again?

Lanolin is a 100% natural product and if you didn’t know actually comes from sheep’s wool. It is made from the grease sheep naturally secrete to protect and keep their fleece and skin soft and supple in all weather conditions, hot and cold.

Our lanolin comes from Australian free grazing sheep, shorn in the summer months. The lanolin is obtained from the raw wool grease and the sheep have been shorn in the summer months. The shorn wool is collected and goes through a process of several washing steps and molecular distillation. Just like water collected from steams, lakes etc, its needs to be purified to become drinking water. The degree of purification from any environmental pollutants determines the type of lanolin. In our products we only use the highest grade of lanolin, i.e. ‘the Rolls Royce of Lanolin’, which is so pure it is also used by pharmaceutical companies in pharmaceutical products and creams.

Lanolin is an incredible substance. Its role in nature is to protect the sheep’s fleece and skin against the ravages of climate and the environment. It also plays a role in the skin hygiene of sheep, keeping both fleece and skin well hydrated and supple. Lanolin is an incredibly complex natural material, which has been perfected over thousands of years of evolution. It is so complex scientists are still struggling to reproduce synthetically anything that comes as close to being as effective as the real thing.

“We are so lucky to benefit from a substance that is so incredibly similar to our skin’s own natural oils!” says Dr.Lipp