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Superfood Red Radish Tint

For lips, cheeks & eyelids

A 100% natural multi-award-winning moisturising Tint made from superfood Red Radish pigment; a natural plant pigment rich in natural antioxidants! Our gorgeous Red Radish pigment has a soft coral shade that adds a perfect hint of tint to your lips, cheeks and eyelids for a healthy tinted glow and has no nasty chemicals for ohhhh so pure clean tinted lips & bits!


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With just five natural ingredients that you can trust

Lanolin and Lanolin Oil
Arguably the world’s best natural moisturiser. Famous for its long lasting moisturising effect & bio compatibility. Made from Australian free roaming sheep’s wool. Shorn in the summer months to keep them cool. It is then cleansed from environmental pollutants to make an ultra pure medical grade standard Lanolin, so pure even the medical industry uses it. It’s the rolls royce of lanolin.

Superfood Plant Pigments
Anthocyanins is the technical name for edible plant pigments that are high in natural anti-oxidants…basically a superfood for your skin! Each tint uses the pigment from either Red Radish, Elderberry or Sweet Potato to capture its natural colour. The plants have been grown organically and are GMO free.

Distarch Phosphate
Is a natural pigment disperser which helps the pigments stay evenly dispersed throughout the balm. Ours is made from organically grown and GMO free Corn.

Glyceryl Caprylate
Is a natural preservative made from Vegetable Oils.

Parabens, fragrances, sulphates, mineral oil, petrolatum, colouring agents, T.E.A, D.E.A, and silicones.

Tint - Lips

Tint for Lips

Tint - Cheek

Tint for Cheeks

Tint - Eye

Tint for eyelids

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It’s so thick you can barley squeeze it from the tube.

connie edwards
connie edwards
5 Rating 5
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This is my favorite lip balm—color is very subtle. Just looks like rosy natural lips


Can’t get enough of this product. Love the color and the consistency.


Love this tinted lip balm! It leaves your lips moisturized but gives a beautiful tinted glow/gloss. Wish there were a bit more product in the tube for the price.

Kelley Finn
Kelley Finn
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