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    Superfood Elderberry Tint

    For lips, cheeks & eyelids

    A 100% natural multi-award-winning moisturising Tint made from superfood Elderberry pigment; a natural plant pigment rich in natural antioxidants!  Our gorgeous Elderberry pigment has a sexy burgundy shade that adds a perfect hint of tint to your lips, cheeks and eyelids for a healthy tinted glow and has no nasty chemicals for ohhhh so pure clean tinted lips & bits!


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    Lanolin Oil

    Arguably the worlds’ best natural moisturiser. Famous for 1000‘s of years for its long-lasting moisturising effect & bio compatibility with our skin – it’s almost identical to our skins’ natural oils. Made from Australian free roaming sheep’s wool. The wool is first rinsed to separate the wool from the pure goodness that is raw Lanolin. Our Lanolin is then cleansed again and and again to the highest medical grade standards, making sure the smallest particles from environmental pollutants are also extracted, making it oh so clean and pure. There are many grades of Lanolin depending on the level of cleansing. Our Lanolin is purified to the highest standards to make the Rolls Royce of Lanolin, its 100% natural and we don’t test on animals either!

    Elderberry Pigment

    The Elderberry has a beautiful sexy burgundy colour. Our pigment is captured from organically grown and GMO free Elderberries. The technical name for our edible plant pigment, is Anthocyanin, which is why you’ll see this term listed in our INCI list on the packaging. Our plant pigment (Anthocyanins) are exceptionally rich in natural antioxidants…basically a superfood for your skin!

    Plant Starch

    Also known as Distarch Phosphate, this is a natural preservative made from organically grown and GMO free Corn Starch which helps the pigments stay evenly suspended within the balm.

    Elderberry Preservative

    A fabulous and natural preservative made from organically grown and GMO free Elderberries (sambucus nigra fruit extract). Finally, a great preservative that will protect your balm from bacteria that is totally natural!

    Parabens, fragrances, sulphates, mineral oil, petrolatum, colouring agents, T.E.A, D.E.A, and silicones.

    Tint - Lips

    Tint for Lips

    Tint - Cheek

    Tint for Cheeks

    Tint - Eye

    Tint for eyelids

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    So comfortable to wear. Just a hint of healthy color.

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    Can always use lip balms and love the colors.

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