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for Dry Skin, Luscious Lips & Glossy Bits!

A 100% Natural
Award Winning Multipurpose Balm.

A Legendary Skincare Classic.

15ml Pocket Size

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  • Sophie

    Location: Uganda

    Love love love

  • Kati

    Location: United States

    Love this stuff! Got it in a Beaty bag and ordered the full size the only complaint I have is that I wish the full size had a applicator like the sample one to make it easier to put on my lips so I didn't have to use my finger. Other then that I love it!

  • Rebecca

    Location: United Kingdom

    love it, got in a beauty bay gift bag and im obsessed

  • Bill

    Location: United States

    I purchased this product from onboard duty-free shopping on an Aer Lingus flight from Orlando to Dublin having forgotten my normal brand. WOW! I am addicted! Great product and super pleasant to have on your lips!

  • Tricia

    Location: Singapore

    I love this balm so much and will continue purchasing it from wherever avail in singapore! (I prefer the original packaging tho..)

  • Anne

    Location: Netherlands

    Got it as a present from my lovely neighbour. I've never heard of it before but OMG I loooove it! It's so nice to put on your lips!

  • Denise

    Location: United States

    Got this in my first Birchbox and I love how well it works! It works great on dry lips and looks like a just right gloss at the same time!

  • Sabrina

    Location: United States

    Best thing that has ever touched my lips ;) !!!!

  • Sara

    Location: United States

    I got dr lipp lip balm in birch box and I'm OBSESSED.

  • Rayan

    Location: India

    Wonderful product.

  • Teresa

    Location: United States

    I want the miracle balm for dry skin,luscious lips and glossy bits. In a pink tube. Please let me know if this is the same as I have a sample size of from Birch Box Thanks and please Hurry my lips are in need

  • Britney Lemmond

    Location: United States

    Hi! LOVE your product! Just curious if y'all make a lip applicator for the tiny tube? I'm a nurse, and I don't like touching my lips to apply my Dr. Lipp while at work :-/

  • Kanda

    Location: United States

    I love it. My lips feel so smooth after using it. You don't have to use it often like Chapstick.cause it continues to keep your lips soft. You can use it under lipstick and it Kees your lip from drying out.

  • Hannah Bartruff

    Location: United States

    It works

  • April

    Location: United States

    I love it! It was in my Birchbox and now I am going to purchase a full size.

  • Robin Mudrick

    Location: United States

    Love it ! Unique product that goes to work upon application hydrating lips in a luxuriously comforting way :)

  • Debbie Reynolds

    Location: Canada

    Debbie Reynolds My boyfriend bought me some for my stocking for Christmas....BEST gift ever!!!!! I love love love it and him...

  • Amy

    Location: United States

    Love, love, love it!!!!

  • Chandler

    Location: United States

    Love love love this product. My lips look and feel amazing. Seriously cleared my lips in a matter of hours. Definitely recommending to all my friends. Wish it was sold everywhere.

  • Mrs Huber

    Location: United States

    Recv'd a very tiny tube of Miracle Balm from Birchbox & I've never used anything better on my lips! Only complaint is the tube was < 1/3 fulI :( I ALWAYS have lip balm or gloss on my lips. This is so effective w/o being sticky. I'm hooked!! Please offer

  • Heather Huber

    Location: United States

    Recv'd a tiny pink tube from a monthly beauty box & I've never used anything better on my lips! I ALWAYS have 'something' on my lips, especially at bedtime. I'm hooked!!

  • Giselle

    Location: United States

    Love the product! Hate the packaging. It's hard to apply it to my lips

  • Ana

    Location: United States

    I adore it! So obsessed with this product!!! anakaren.

  • Andrea Culligan

    Location: Canada

    Bought this a month ago and have removed lipstick/gloss from my cupboard entirely. this is WAYYYYY better and my husband can use it, and I can use it on my cuticles. One little tube - vs 5 products in my handbag..LOVE! Thank you

  • Harriet Louise

    Location: United Kingdom

    Loving the pucker up feeling Dr Lipp gives me, can't get enough of this product... Thank youuu! xx

  • Chelsea

    Location: United States

    This is the only thing that protects my lips from the blistering Chicago winds! Wear it to bed for an extra oomph of moisture :)

  • Joya

    Location: United States

    I can not and will not live without it! It's expensive but worth every single penny and lasts a very long time. Buy it. Buy all of it!

  • Chrissy

    Location: United States

    I have very dry skin (eczema), lips and hair and have used every conceivable product out there from drug store brands to high end and also prescription. This is the first product for my lips that has worked. OMG! super stoked and sooooooo happy! Thank y

  • Traci

    Location: United States

    Traci I learned of this product inside my sample box from birch box. I'm in love!

  • Lorraine

    Location: Wales

    Perfect while breastfeeding and to use in my newborns delicate skin.

  • Kim

    Location: United States

    My lips are always dry no matter what lip balm I use. I received a sample of the Miracle Balm from Birchbox.. This lip balm is different, it sits on your lips without feeling too oily but took away the dryness only after two applications. It even lasted t

  • Alyssa

    Location: United Kingdom

    I got told to use this to help my never ending battle with coldsores and I seriously cannot recommend it high enough! solves it within days. worth a purchase!

  • Frances

    Location: United States

    I've had a problem with my lips cracking in the corner for years. I tried everything but nothing helped. Dr. LIPPS came to me with an order of makeup. I tried it and to my surprise the very next morning they were healed. I will never be without a tube

  • Tanz

    Location: United Kingdom

    THE BEST! Couldn't live without this secret lip balm!

  • Ashlee

    Location: United Kingdom

    Amazing!!!! I suffer from severe eczema and used it once last night and it's now cleared up!!

  • Claire Sellick

    Location: United Kingdom

    The best lip treatment I've ever used. Addictive. Have also used on my poor, dry, winter hands. Great on them too.

  • Emma

    Location: United Kingdom

    Completely converted

  • Sheila

    Location: United States

    I have gotten rid of all my other lip glosses for this AWESOME lip balm! It's #1 in my purse!

  • Christin

    Location: United States

    I love this lip balm but I'm seriously disappointed in finding (my first time buYing it) that the little tube I paid $16 for isn't completely filled! There was so much air in there I had to squeeze and squeeze to get any out!! Not sure il buy again if the cgeorge

  • Melmichaels

    Location: Chicago

    This butter is a life-saver, well, not life, but close. I love it! And if it's layered on thick it can be a gloss.

  • Minnie

    Location: San Diego, CA

    This makes my lips so soft and plump! It lasts forever on your lips and the tube lasts forever as well.


    Location: Collingwood, VIC

    I love this lipbalm! It keeps my lips moist and glossy for hours on end, so i dont need to use it that often. It took a few days to get used to the 'natural lanolin' scent though. Worth the price, as it will last for ages!

  • April Showers

    Location: Manassas, VA

    I absolutely love this product!! I've had problems finding a product to help with my dry, chapped lips. This product works extremely well and I love that it's multipurpose.

  • Aparna Kewalramani

    Location: India

    My name Aparna i use only dr.lipp lip balm and love your product very much.I buy it from Urban Shore in India.please start some flavours like Apple,Strawberry,Cranberry etc. In short increase your variety. As people are bored of just one flavour you have.

  • Leah

    Location: United Kingdom

    Made my lips way better. My lips are always dry even though it is summer. Especially in UK I always cared about my lips since it was so dry. With dr lipps my lips were no longer dry so I love this!! Plus I cannot go anywhere without this .(

  • Khadija Khaalis

    Location: United States

    The best balm evereeeer

  • AngiJani

    Location: Southeastern, CT

    I have always dealt with dry, chapped lips, especially since moving to New England. I've tried all sorts of lip balms, which are just temporary solutions that really don't help the problem. This product worked!

  • Gracileee

    Location: Houston, TX

    Gracileee It did seem to heal my lips quite well, it has a funny smell, but then it goes away when you put it on. I put this on by itself, or before I put on lip liner and lipstick, it helps soften the look for me, and stay on longer.

  • Jordaner

    Location: Yorktown, VA

    Thank you Dr. Lipp for providing a wonderful defense against the Polar Vortes :) My lips have not cracked once during this below freezing weather and my lips look plump and pretty!

  • Lydia

    Location: Rugby

    This really does give chapped lips a new lease on life, but I find the packaging less than easy to deal with. You can't really apply straight from the tube and I don't really like getting my fingers covered in lip balm.

  • InkitandLove

    Location: Melbourne

    I was looking for a product that was petroleum free and could provide a massive moisturising boost for my lips. Dr Lipp definitely fit the bill. Rich and creamy, I instantly feel like my lips are hydrated. No nasty smells, tastes or chemicals. Will be buy

  • Paula Alvarado

    Location: Lima, Peru

    I like this a lot, it leaves my lips smooth and ready for lipstick. The only problem is that apparently it dried my upper lip, I'm not sure yet but one day after using it at night my lip was dry. It hasn't happened again but I don't use it every day now

  • Christine

    Location: United Kingdom

    I have used this lip balm for many years, but no longer work in the city so I've found it easier to buy online. Really doesn't compare to any other lip balm I've tried. I use it every day and never bother with lipstick.


    Location: Sydney, NSW

    This is bound to be the best lip balm I've ever tried! It is perfect in every way - lasts forever, heals up any cracks or dryness, makes them feel plump! Best of all I can wear it alone or under and on top of lipstick. Truly an amazing product

  • Shepples

    Location: United Kingdom

    This is the only lip balm I have found that stays on my lips for more than a few minutes and soothes the discomfort of the dryness. Great product.

  • Rachel

    Location: United Kingdom

    Amazing product. Got it as a sample and now can't get enough of it. Great as a clear lip gloss as well. Lips were less dry after one use, unlike other balms where you have to have multiple applications. Buy! Buy! Buy!

  • Liz

    Location: United Kingdom

    THE BEST LIP BALM EVER!!! I have extremely dry lips and have tried many lip balms and moisturisers. Nothing else moisturises my lips and keeps them that way for the whole day. I definitely recommend this product.

  • Ahrazoa

    Location: Bloomfield, MI

    I love how this hydrates my lips, hands, nipples, cuticles?verywhere! Only thing I don't like about this is it's very sticky so my finger gets messy but I still give this 5 stars!

  • Mayer

    Location: Student

    I don't like using lip products, be that lip balms, gloss or color, but my lips are getting drier over the years. I browsed through this amazing website & found this little gem!

  • LittleMsMakeupAddict

    Location: Melbourne

    This balm is a miracle. I always have a tube with me and it really is excellent. It will make even the driest lips soft and supple, perfect for dry, flaky and painful lips (or any other body part).

  • Sarah Wilson

    Location: United States

    Sarah Wilson I found out about Dr. Lipp in a Birchbox one month and I have been obsessed ever since. It's the only thing that saves my lips from cracking in the winter!


    Location: Turramurra, NSW

    I love this product as my lips can sometimes get dry, and one of the girls at mecca showed me this and I'm now obsessed. it moisturizes your lips rather than coats it and seals (like many other lip balms) :) it is a must have!

  • Lauzrah

    Location: United Kingdom

    This is the best lip balm I've ever tried! It stays on the lips for a long time and when it eventually rubs off it leaves you with soft lips. It adds a really nice gloss and makes you look groomed.

  • KPS BeautyBuzz

    Location: Los Angeles

    This is my holy grail product for keeping my lips soft and moisturized!! I put a healthy amount on before bed and in the morning my lips feel sooo soft! I absolutely recommend this product to everyone!

  • Amelia Liana

    Location: London

    Quite literally the only lip balm for me. Spokesperson alert! I?l rave about this stuff forever and rightly so?nothing gets my lips as smooth as this balm.

  • Vee

    Location: New Farm, Queensland

    I only apply this balm once a day, just before bed. It isn't sticky or runny and I find in the morning when I get up I can feel some of it is still on my lips. There is no horrible taste or sticky tacky texture, just a long lasting balm that makes my lips

  • CheekyB

    Location: Kenthurst

    I have never had a lot of confidence wearing lipsticks but this balm has changed that. Lipsticks always leave my lips dry, no matter how well I prepare my lips. Nothing seemed to provide enough hydration. Dr Lipp however provides great hydration and a lit


ONE Product, 100's of Uses.

How do you use yours?

TOP 10

  1. Lip gloss
  2. Cheek shine
  3. Eye gloss
  4. Eyebrow shaping
  5. Lip primer – prevents blotching
  6. As a mixer for pigments
  7. Perfect for ‘glitter lips’, ‘eye glitter’ & sticking diamantes
  8. Skin primer – smoothes dry skin patches before foundation
  9. Smoothes flyaway hair
  10. Glosses nails naturally
Polly Bean's Top Ten Uses

TOP 10

  1. Chapped lips
  2. Dry cuticles
  3. Dry skin patches
  4. Fine lines under the eyes
  5. Split ends
  6. Eyelashes
  7. Itchy and sore skin
  8. Small cuts, burns & abrasions
  9. Sore noses from blowing
  10. Sore nipples from breastfeeding


and you should know about it too!

Lanolin is an amazing product that has historically been used by nursing mothers for its effectiveness and its speediness in helping wounds to heal faster. In fact Lanolin has been such a friend to man kind it’s use can be traced back to 90Ad where it was listed in the worlds first pharmacopeia over 1,900 years ago. So it is not wonder that this super ingredient found its way into the beauty industry over 100 years ago, and became the pillar of modern skincare. However as as our world got more polluted and farming started to use more pesticides so did our raw materials. And so Lanolin fell out of favour with the beauty industry. However, thankfully modern science has found a way of removing airborne, waterborne and farm led toxins that come into contact with our sheep’s fleece as long as the sheep’s fleece has not been painted! And so through a process of filtration & distillation we remove these pollutants much in the same way one needs to purify water these days.

What is Medical Grade Lanolin? Medical Grade Lanolin is lanolin that is so pure it is used in a medical capacity and in many pharmaceutical products. Every hospital in the western world uses this incredible natural product – after surgeries to help heal wounds, as a newborn nursing balm, and in burns units to protect and repair burns. Lanolin is a superpower for hydrating and restoring dry, cracked or chapped skin anywhere. This pure natural ingredient also remedies hundreds of skin problems including eczema, sunburn, sore nipples and nappy rash to name a few!

FREE from parabens, fragrances, sulfates, mineral oil, petrolatum, colouring agents, T.E .A, D.E.A and silicones etc. We add no additives, do not test on animals, and only use unpainted fleece from free roaming sheep in Australia. A 100% Natural product and a WHOLE cosmetic product. Tasteless, odourless & so utterly kissable…

You're simply the best!