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Prevent Cracked & Dry Lips!
Jan 2020
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Our Diary...

Prevent Cracked & Dry Lips!

Are you suffering from dry, cracked and painful winter lips? Fret not darlings, Dr.Lipp to the rescue! Made with 100% natural medical grade Lanolin, our luxuriously thick formula will transform your cracked lips to the ultimate kissable pout!

And the gorgeous Nathalie Helgerud at Elle Denmark agrees of course! ‘ This nipple balm has become a global beauty phenomenon, making your lips soft, smooth and glossy. A hypoallergenic, nurturing and nourishing balm that was originally created as a nipple balm for nursing women. It also works great for relieving dry and sensitive skin. It is ideal for dry cuticles, dry skin areas, burns and abrasions, cracked lips, sore nipples, chapped lips and eczema.’

So say goodbye to cracked skin and welcome a radiant glow with Dr.Lipp darlings! Read the full article here