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Our NHS Heroes!
Jun 2020
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Our Diary...

Our NHS Heroes!

At Dr.Lipp, we know the real heroes now and forever are our amazing NHS frontline and key workers. Keeping the world safe, one day at a time! But with excessive hand washing and mask wearing, even our heroes’ skin can get chapped and chronically dry…so Dr.Lipp set out to keep our amazing front line workers’ skin gloriously hydrated, so they can get through the day a little more comfortably.

‘Dr.Lipp is a complete lifesaver, when it comes to COVID-19 and endless handwashing which results in sore cracked hands. Dr.Lipp brings my skin back to life, my lips hands elbows. Anywhere dry really! I love Dr.Lipp.’ Julianne McDonnell (Nurse in a coronary care unit in Cork, Ireland )

‘I am a respiratory physiotherapist seeing patients in their homes who have been unwell with COVID-19. It’s also seen a huge increase in sheer volume of patients we see. Needless to say this has meant my skin has really suffered due to the excessive hand washing and sanitising compared to our normal levels.  I was coming home with skin breakdown behind my ears and on my cheeks and nose from the masks we wear, dry and cracked lips from not being able to hydrate enough due to wearing masks, and the skin on my hands was red and raw in spots. I was trying to manage it with hand cream where possible, and trying out different types of hand sanitizer, but nothing was working until my super thoughtful friend gifted me your original nipple balm to try. Absolute god send! It’s really helped me feel much more comfortable, and has improved my lips back to normal- am so impressed. Will definitely be purchasing more, thank you for such an amazing product!’ Sarah Batters

‘I love Dr.Lipp, it leaves my lips feeling so soft. It’s thicker than most lip balms which is perfect when wearing surgical masks all day on the wards. Was lovely that Dr Lipp donated so many balms to the nurses on the ward.’ Emma Borrett (in main image) Southend, Essex UK

A little goes a long way in these times, so we are so delighted that our multi use Original nipple balm for dry skin, luscious lips & glossy bits is making a difference in these wonderful essential workers’ day!