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Our Lip Tints on Brown Beauty Talk!
Sep 2018
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Our Diary...

Our Lip Tints on Brown Beauty Talk!

Heads up ladies! Our Lip Tints are sweeping the nation! Thank you to the lovely ladies behind Brown Beauty Talk for reviewing our latest collection! Make sure you read the full article here! 

“The texture for the Tints are rich and creamy and it has a lovely feel on my lips. Application is easy as it has a snout that allows you to place to product straight to your lips. With the Nipple Balm you had to apply it to your fingers which could be a messy business so this snout is more than welcome.

Colour wise, the pigmentation is not great but then it is just a tint so full on colour would be very unrealistic. A very little goes a long way and you will find that you have this little rocket in your pocket for a long time before it needs replacing.”