Our Hero Dr.Lipp
Mar 2020
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Our Hero Dr.Lipp

Hi Darlings!! The beauty Team over at Who What Wear have covered what beauty experts have been saying for so long, that more often than not, it’s good to keep your skincare routine simple. Only using a handful of seriously effective products morning and night, as opposed to a “complex 10-step regimen” and that’s because too much of a variety of product can risk confusing our skin’s natural function! As a rule less is more! Our skin needs a routine darlings!

We are also thrilled to say that we are the Beauty Team’s Top choice of hero products, that have the power to save our overworked complexions!!

“I have a genuine fear of not having this stuff within arms reach, so I have about seven scattered around various handbags, my bedside table, coffee table and desk. It’s pure lanolin, and a little goes really far so you only need a dab to soothe dry lips and skin.”

Keeks Reid Contributing Beauty Writer, Cosmopolitan UK

“It’s safe to say, therefore, that we beauty editors know a thing or two about hero skincare products. In fact, every single beauty editor I know has a small selection of products they reach for day in, day out, in order to give their skin some sort of familiar routine. And usually, it’s these hero products that have the power to save our overworked complexions.”

We are so thrilled to show off our oh so simple, yet effective balm! Get yours here, and read the full Who What Wear feature here!