Our Diary
ONE product, a HUNDRED uses
Aug 2016
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Our Diary...

ONE product, a HUNDRED uses

At Dr.Lipp we have tried to make life so much easier for you. Imagine a life where you have one product, yes that’s right – only one product – that does practically everything you need. Well here it is! Dr.Lipp’s Original Nipple Balm for Lips does basically that, and we are sure it will continue to surprise you with more uses as you get more creative with your Dr.Lipp.

So here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Gloss lips
  2. Highlight cheeks
  3. Gloss eyelids
  4. Shape eyebrows
  5. Use as a lip primer – prevents blotching of deeply pigmented lipsticks
  6. Mix it with pigments for a shiny colour
  7. Perfect for ‘glitter lips’, ‘eye glitter’ & sticking on diamantes without tightening your skin
  8. Prime skin – smoothes dry skin patches before foundation
  9. Smoothe flyaway hair
  10. Gloss and moisturise nails
  11. Soothe chapped lips
  12. Help to heal and protect mouth herpes from spreading
  13. Soften & nourish dry cuticles
  14. Ease itchy skin
  15. Soothe red irritated skin and insect bites
  16. Use as eye cream and protect against fine lines under the eyes
  17. Use as a serum for split ends
  18. Moisturise your eyelashes
  19. Use on small cuts, burns & abrasions to help them heal faster
  20. Relieve sore noses from blowing when you have a cold
  21. Relieve sore nipples from breastfeeding
  22. Relieve jogger’s nipple
  23. Shape your ‘tache – if you’re a man
  24. Feel sexy, ‘cos you know you’re gonna make someone smile when you tell them you’re wearing nipple balm on your lips!

How do you use yours?


Original Nipple Balm 15ml - Low Res & Shadow & Transp & GP Award