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Natural Remedies for Tired Eyes
Jan 2017
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Natural Remedies for Tired Eyes

Yes, we ALL know how important it is to get plenty of sleep, but sometimes it seems as though that just isn’t enough. Waking up with tired eyes makes everything feel terribly draining, so it’s lucky for us that some of the best fatigue-fighting ingredients are already in our kitchens!

Tea & Coffee

Place chilled green tea bags over your eyes for anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes to reduce dark circles and puffiness. If you’re not a tea drinking, don’t worry… you can also get the same result with chilled coffee grounds!


The classic – chilled cucumber slices over the eyes to reduce puffiness.

Coconut oil

I told you all about the benefits of coconut oil in this post, but I didn’t mention the fact that it’s said to help everything from redness to puffiness to overall fatigue when applied around the eyes!

Turmeric & pineapple juice

Mixing 2 parts turmeric powder with 3 parts pineapple juice and applying the paste under your eyes can reduce the appearance of dark circles.


A cotton ball or small cloth dipped in full fat milk and applied gently to the eyes can be soothing and get rid of redness.


Another all-purpose solution! Pop some chilled slices of raw potato over your eyes to get looking as good as new before you know it!

Fennel seeds

Boiling fennel seeds in water, chilling the liquid and using it to rinse your eyes is an all-natural alternative for redness-reducing eye drops.

Sometimes missing the mark on your 8 hours is unavoidable, but now at least when you’re half-asleep, looking for a solution… you know you won’t have too far to go!