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Natural Heroes: Coconut Oil
Jan 2017
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Natural Heroes: Coconut Oil

Since the Doctor introduced me to lanolin I’ve been absolutely obsessed with finding out about more natural heroes – products directly from nature that can improve our day to day lives in dozens of ways. By faaar the most popular at the moment is coconut oil, and I have to agree with the hype!

I’m sure we’re all aware of its different uses in cooking, but did you know how many beauty uses coconut oil has!? Completely on its own you can use it to take off makeup (especially eye makeup – an all-natural product is a liiifesaver in such a sensitive area), as a pre-wash super intensive hydrating hair mask, or as an all-over moisturising lotion.

If you want to feel particularly on-trend, you can try oil pulling by swirling a table spoon of coconut oil around your mouth for 10-20 minutes. Oil pulling is said to whiten teeth, freshen your breath and get rid of a whole bunch of nasties, so what is there to lose?

It’s also a fantastic ingredient for DIY face masks, like the ones I wrote about in this post a few weeks ago, and as a completely natural ingredient it’s absolutely fabulous for a bit of experimentation. If you’re looking for a simple, sure-fire combo though, mix in a bit of sugar and voila! The perfect body scrub.

And finally, my personal favourite – the fact that it goes from solid to liquid when it gets warm makes it a delightful massage oil… and the scent doesn’t hurt!


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