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Natural Heroes: Avocado
Jan 2017
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Natural Heroes: Avocado

Almost nothing brings me more joy than a perfectly ripe avocado. It’s not just an absolute staple when I go out to brunch with my friends – it’s also great at helping to get me looking as fabulous as possible beforehand! Avocados are full of vitamins and antioxidants, and their natural oils make them incredibly moisturising, so it’s no wonder they’re the perfect ingredient for so many at-home beauty treatments.

It may seem a bit strange to voluntarily slather your head in avocado, but doing just that will get your hair looking shinier than ever AND treat any dryness you may have on your scalp. Goodbye Head & Shoulders, we’ve got avocado! Although do make sure you apply this BEFORE you shampoo and condition, darling. We can’t be walking around with rogue bits of avocado in our hair all day.

I’m sure we’ve all seen avocado-based face masks before, but why not cut out the extra ingredients and pop it right on? Avocado has fantastic anti-aging properties, as well as being fabulous for dry and sensitive skin, and its consistency makes it peeerfect for mixing with other ingredients. Pop in some honey for a moisturising boost, or some dry oats to create a gentle exfoliant.

Speaking of which, you can use that same mixture as a rich, natural hand scrub! The possibilities are endless.

My favourite discovery, however, absolutely HAS to be the fact you can use avocado slices to get rid of under eye puffiness. Now that I think about it, they are the perfect shape… I can see the selfies already!

I know my mother always used to tell me not to play with my food, but I think we can make an exception in this case. The only question is… which trick to try first!