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Natural cosmetics
Sep 2016
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Natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics are in vogue. You will see models and celebrities talking about these products all the time. Then there are beauty products that come with their fair share of chemicals, but promise the results that you seek. They do this despite the fact that even though the treatment that your skin goes through is chemically induced, and can be harsh for the skin.

The truth is that products that use natural ingredients can make a big difference to your skin. They work towards a gentler, cleaner, and a problem free skin. The general perception is that natural ingredients treat the skin far more kindly than something you dab on your skin, and which was synthetically created in a laboratory.

So what should you do? Two things: go natural and read the labels.

Go Natural

Natural products do not incorporate any pesticides or synthetic preservatives, which not only makes them healthy for our body but also for the planet.

Make sure that you pick a product that does not have fragrance in it. Synthetic fragrances almost always have phthalates in them, these are what trigger allergic reactions and pose different health problems. You want to steer clear of that and go for a natural cosmetic product that does not incorporate any of it. A good example is Dr. Lipp which is a non-fragrant balm and therefore does not pose any problems to users who are particular about the olfactory aspect of a skincare product.

Always Read the Label

Make sure that you read the label on your natural beauty products. It is not enough that a product hosts natural ingredients; you must check how much of these ingredients are really in there. For example, Dr. Lipp’s original balm is 100% natural, that is also why it can boast of so many advantages in just one formula.

The reason that consumers are constantly urged to go through a product’s label before purchasing it is because expert environmentalists caution against ingredients like parabens (which serve as a preservative), petrochemicals, and other byproducts which are often present in lip balms, foundations, and skin creams.

An average person slathers, sprays, and rubs 10 different skin care products on their body every day. Since our skin acts like a sponge and not a barrier, we tend to absorb around 130 chemicals on a regular basis. The FDA maintains that these chemicals are safe in small dosages. However, the average woman wears makeup on a daily basis. This is when you start to understand how much of a difference a little dab can make.

No one can really say for sure how some chemicals affect the skin over time. On top of that people make use of a combination of different products which pose plenty of dangers like Phthalates present in artificial fragrances, and which are also from a class of hormone disruptor. So, make it a habit of thoroughly reading the labels before buying a skincare product.

Where Does Dr. Lipp Come Into All of This?

Dr. Lipp lip balm is made entirely out of natural ingredients. Users are at no risk of being subjected to harmful chemicals. On top of that, you do not have to use it in a combination of different products. The Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm is great for not just softening and nourishing the lips or the nipples, but other parts of the body as well. Any area that feels sore, dry, or cracked, this balm can treat it with a quick ultra hydrating effect. What more does one need for a soft and luscious skin.