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Natural Beauty Heroes
Dec 2016
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Our Diary...

Natural Beauty Heroes

By now I’m sure we know all about Dr.Lipp’s hero ingredient, Lanolin, but what about all the other natural beauty saviours? Nature is bursting with one-ingredient wonders that will have you feeling beautiful from top to toe, and I think it’s about time we give them the attention they deserve.

Coconut Oil

Okay, I’ll admit it, coconut oil is already having a bit of a moment in the spotlight… but for good reason! From shaving oil to hand moisturiser and makeup remover, it has sooo many uses on its own that you don’t need to add anything else at all! But that’s not to say it isn’t a perfect partner – mix in a bit of salt or sugar and you’ve got a great body scrub!


As the only natural ingredient that never goes bad, honey absolutely HAS to be overflowing with benefits! It’s incredibly moisturising, so while I prooobably wouldn’t recommend trying to layer it under your makeup, it does make a fantastic one-ingredient face mask. It also has antibacterial properties which makes it great at killing rid of nasties that might be hanging around on your skin.


Who doesn’t love a bit of smashed avocado on toast? A brunch classic. But did you know you could also use avocado to help you get ready for that brunch? It has fantastic benefits for the skin and hair, and I just learnt today that popping a slice under each eye for 15-20 minutes reduces puffiness! I KNOW I’ll be using that trick soon!


Turmeric is fantastic for you, inside and out. Mix it with olive oil or honey and create a face mask, or milk, yoghurt or moisturiser and you’ve got a night cream! There are also looooads of different ways to pop it into drinks – from golden milk to turmeric teas – that will keep your insides feeling happy and give your immune system a boost.


Aside from smelling positively divine and providing a pep-up when you’re starting to feel a little sluggish, coffee is also a fantastic secret weapon when it comes to beauty! Popping some cool coffee grounds under your eyes and on your lids will reduce puffiness, and those same grounds can be used as a circulation-boosting body scrub! One trick that even I hadn’t heard before was to mix ground coffee with yoghurt and use it as a skin-brightening face mask! Amazing!

There’s absolutely no reason not to Go Natural when natural beauty is this simple… I feel a pamper sesh coming on!