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Mood-Boosting Foods
Dec 2016
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Mood-Boosting Foods

This time of year it’s so easy to slip into the Winter Blues… but we won’t let that happen to us! I’m determined to get 2017 off to a fabulous start (start as you mean to go on, after all!), and I’m bringing you along with me. One thing the Doctor always tells me is to make sure I’m getting the vitamins I need to stay as radiant as possible, and I think – as usual – he might be onto something!


Peeerfect for a warm breakfast during the colder months! Apparently all you need is half a cup of porridge in the morning, and the low GI helps keep your mood stable. No sugar rush and crash for us!


What better way to top off your oats than with some banana?! Bananas are full of Vitamin B6, which actually helps your body to produce more serotonin. Translation: eating bananas can scientifically make you happier. Amazing!

Chicken & Turkey

Fantastic news for lovers of a Sunday Roast! Chicken and turkey breast have all kinds of mood-boosting properties (similar to bananas, weirdly enough), as well as stimulating the production of melatonin, which helps you to sleep better. I’m certainly in a better mood when I’ve had a good night’s rest!


Spinach contains all sorts of lovely B Vitamins, whether it’s cooked or raw, so pop it in a salad or whip up a stir fry and voila! Instant mood boost. Add some broccoli to that stir fry and you’ll be doubling your luck!

Dark Chocolate

Loooovely news! No need to go overboard with the indulgence, but a few squares of dark chocolate has been proven to boost your serotonin levels and release endorphins, so a little treat now and then might actually do you good.

As a bonus tip, if you aren’t feeling fantastic it’s best to avoid caffeine, alcohol and sugar. Anything that causes a high and then a crash, or alters your mental state is something to steer clear of, especially in the gloomier months. And look on the bright side – even if it is chilly and dark, that just means it’s the perfect time for cosy nights in, warm drinks and plenty of sleep. Chin up, darling! The sun will come out soon enough.