behind the look

Tahira Herold

Makeup Artist

Tahira Herald
Aug 2018

An amazing advocate for all things ethical and natural in the beauty industry!

From Kylie Minogue, Tom Hardy (SWOON!),Vogue and everything in between, Tahira has worked with some of the best creatives in the industry! Showcasing her signature looks of radiant skin and beautiful lips in this gorge Eluxe editorial shot by Thea Baddiley, Tahira played with light and shadow with bursts of colours and texture.

To create this look, she used ‘all natural and cruelty free products by brands that are known in Green Beauty Circles that may not be common in the mainstream.  These products are from brands with a lot of transparency who work hard to try to improve the beauty industry by creating products that are good for us and the planet. Cruelty free is a minimal requirement for my kit. I seek out brands that are trying to reduce waste, create a more sustainable industry and consider the health of the consumer and the workers.  I believe we have spent years stripping the planet of goodness and it’s time to put it back.’ And we couldn’t agree more Tahira!

And what does she keep in her kit at all times? ‘Dr.Lipp of course! And everyone should have a selection of primary colours in a wax or grease base so that if the need arises, you can mix ANYTHING you want. Also, a good brand of skincare and some Dr Bronner Lavender Hand Sanitiser!

I like that Dr.Lipp heals and hydrates and it is a very simple product!

Although the natural makeup extraordinaire likes to plan ahead of a shoot with a mood board, she loves to leave room for the creative spirit to inspire! ‘I love to be given a brief and direction, and then to be let loose to create. My specialty is beauty, I love creating beautiful glamorous looks. I also love red carpet and appearances for the sheer fun of it’ explains Tahira, ‘and my dream client is Amal Clooney. I have such admiration for her as a person and she has beautiful features to paint. But seriously, I love painting faces, every day that I get to do that, is a dream client scenario.’

The Canadian raised London native gives us an insight to her best beauty tips – ‘Shoulders Back, Chin Up, Eyes forward. Massage your skincare into your skin, not too hard, but do it daily, twice a day and you will see a difference – AND talk to your inside self and say: I am kind, I am Good, and I radiate love and beauty. And you will. (provided your actions follow)’. Thanks Tahira for the amazing insight, we can’t wait to see what you do next!

Tahira Herald
Aug 2018