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Scarlett Burton

Makeup Artist

On her Phoenix Magazine editorial!

Perfectly juggling her role as Digital Beauty Editor at Phoenix Magazine and being a girl boss international Make-Up artist, it’s no surprise we loooove Scarlett Burton! Read on as Scarlett takes us Behind the Look of this striking Japanese inspired editorial for Phoenix’s Spring Beauty story.

‘I created this look after being away in Japan on a work trip and I loved seeing all the Japanese women’s style of makeup, it’s so different from the current makeup climate of extreme contouring and covering up the skins texture. So I took inspiration from their candy pink cheeks and created a pink flush with glowing sheer skin,’ explains Scarlett, ‘I used lipstick on the cheeks, I love the glowy sheer texture it creates when blended with a buff brush. I also used a clear brow gel, a beauty balm for lids and lips, a creamy concealer and a tiny bit of black mascara.’

Scarlett Burton
Scarlett Burton


Here at Dr.Lipp, we absolutely love natural glowing skin…so we couldn’t be happier Scarlett gave us her top tips to recreate her favourite look from the shoot – ‘try to use as little base makeup as possible as using lipstick on top of foundation or powder will not bode well! Pat a little onto the cheeks with your finger and blend outwards or upwards depending on the shape you want to create. Finish with balm on the lips and eyelids for a fresh, youthful look. I find that I often get booked for natural skin so I guess this is becoming a bit of a signature. I love to use as little product as possible to create a perfect skin and good skincare to prep.’

With our 100% natural formula, we adore hearing how fellow beauty industry professionals are advocates for green beauty. ‘I do have a kit dedicated to cruelty free beauty,’ says the former LCF graduate,  ‘I find more and more people are conscious of what they are putting into their bodies with food and drink and that also translates into makeup and skincare being applied onto the skin. I work mostly with models and they can have skin flare ups if they have been working a lot on fashion week or are particularly run down with travelling and generally cruelty free products are the most calming and soothing on the skin as they often contain natural and organic ingredients. So everyone is happy and confident they will have the best treatment of their face.’ Talk about natural beauty!

Scarlett Burton

I love its thick emollient texture, it really helps to hydrate and protect the lips and looks great as a natural cheek highlight!

When it comes to Scarlett’s absolutely must-have beauty kit products (besides our lovely Dr.Lipp of course!), she can’t live without ‘Hand Sanitizer, Moisturiser, Lip balm, Eyelash Curlers, Mascara, Concealers!’ And for this make-up artists top three desert island picks… ‘Definitely mascara, brow pencil, and SPF!’

And some last words of wisdom from Scarlett…’ Know what suits you but experiment to get there. Everyone has looks that didn’t work but have fun with it and there’s no right and wrong with makeup.’

Thanks ever so much Scarlett for being our fabulous MUA of the month! We can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!