behind the look

Omayma Ramzy

Makeup Artist

Jan 2019

Gives us Winter beauty chic with this fab editorial!

We loooove glowing skin, so it’s no wonder British Award Winning Makeup Artist Omayma Ramzy is our amazing Make-Up Artist of the month! Known for her ability to perfect skin whilst also using colour to express her artistry, Omayma brings vibrancy and a super-cool edge to this winter fresh editorial!

Can you tell us about the chosen look? What was the inspiration for it?

My inspiration usually comes from the person in front of me, the story we’ve chosen and the things around me. As soon as I saw Fitz (model) I saw how happy and felt how much vibrancy that brought to the room. Chainey (stylist) had brought the perfect summery set of clothes too and so I felt vibrancy was coming!

What products did you use to create the look? 

Fitz has these incredible freckles, and I wanted to show them off, so I really left her skin pretty sparse. Just a bit of Weleda Skin Food and a touch of concealer from Nars. The orange and magenta lip I mixed up with some LipMix colours from MAC. I really like how versatile they are and they havea nice finish too.

The blue eyeshadow look I used this incredible sky blue colour from LimeCrime. Her skin has this lovely warm tone to it, so that blue just popped so naturally I loved it.

Any tips for anyone at home wanting to recreate a similar look?

Yes! I find when doing vibrant colours, keep it light on the skin. I think it’s easier to over do it so try choosing “eye” or “lip” if you’re not sure where to start. Also tiny cotton buds (q tips) are your friend. Cleaning up edges is great with them. I like the ones from Muji, they’re really good.


What was the vibe like on set? Can you talk us through the day?

The vibe was chill! It was a Sunday or Saturday morning I think. I remember there was a parade going on so traffic was a nightmare. We were all really happy we managed to make the shoot happen. It was my first time working with Sami the photographer. They had another makeup artist and she had become unavailable so Chainey (stylist) asked me to come by. I’m really happy she did because every one was so nice that it worked super well.

What would you say your signature beauty look is?

Ha it’s really funny, because I get asked that a bit, and I suppose it’s an odd thing for me to think about, because to me I feel like my style is constantly changing. But I suppose colour has never really scared me! Probably clean or perfected skin, a pop of colour, a lot of playful.

Do you use cruelty-free beauty products in your kit?

Yeah of course. I mean who wants to be cruel to animals? I don’t.

What can we all do to be a little bit more green or ethical as a make-up artist?

Thanks to stores like Credo Beauty and all the incredible clean beauty brands they hold, it’s becoming easier and easier to do so. And thank goodness! They’re so much better for your skin. Since I’ve switched to using green beauty brands myself, my skin is fresher, less congested and more hydrated.

Jan 2019

I love that Dr.Lipp is green and cruelty free!

Jan 2019

What would you be doing if you were not a makeup artist?

It’s hard to imagine! I’d probably have ended up painting, or something in design. I was on my fine art degree when I became interested in makeup as an art form. It was always very playful for me in that way.

What items should everyone have in their kit?

Great moisturiser. I love Weleda Skin Food right now. There’s also a bunch of face oils I love. I’m really digging Le Prunier and Rodin’s face oil too. Great lip balm. I feel like an incredible lip balm is such a great multi product. I’ll mix it on my cheeks with a bit of blush sometimes, or dab it on my cheekbones for some dewier skin. Mascara. I recently have been loving using a maroon-ish colour on my eyes and kind of rubbing a bit of it on my eyelids like a smudgy shadow/liner. I like the aubergine colour, I’ve got brown eyes, it kind of makes them yellower I think.

Who is your dream client?

I really love working with beauty brands! Maybe Ilia or Vapour would be amazing. I love the colours from Kosas and Rituel de filles too.

Do you have any career highlights so far?

Ooooh! So many. I feel like getting scouted and signed by my agent Armando at Photogenics Army was a pretty great one. He’s been an agent for over 20 years and has such great vision and care. I feel like he really believes in us as artists as well as really believing in the industry too. The first vogue shoot I did was a pretty great one too. I remember being somewhere on a freeway and forcing myself not to stop in the middle of 6 lanes when I saw it came out.

What is a day in the life like for you?

Ha! Every day is so different. Yesterday I was doing a demo and Q&A at the Makeup Show in LA with a brand I love called Stilazzi. Today I was up at 4:45 to catch a 7:30am flight for a job I’m doing in Senoma today. I’m flying there and back in the same day! I call it Fedex makeup, same day delivery! But usually the night before I prep my kit for the job the next day, then get to it in the morning. I love working in LA because there are so many photographers, models, actors and people.

What is the best piece of beauty advice you ever received and what is the best piece you could give?

Getting facials. I love getting a facial maybe once a month and then at home really going to town myself and doing my own mini facials too. They really make a difference and my skin looks and feels better. For travelers out there this is key!

Omayma Ramzy
Jan 2019