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Meg Koriat

Internationally renowned make-up artist

Nov 2019

Takes us through her dreamy L’Officiel Ukraine editorial!

We chat to internationally renowned make-up artist Meg Koriat about all things glowing skin, beauty advice, and of course her dreamy L’Officiel Ukraine editorial! We just love her prime-tastic looks!

What was your inspiration for the look?

My inspiration for this look were seashells we used as a props. I really wanted to go for something subtle and natural with a touch of peach and pinks exactly like the inside of a seashells

Which products did you use in creating this look?

To create that look I used some Goldfaden skincare and Perricone makeup products. It was really important for me to make the skin looking  not too heavy leaving all the freckles. I mainly worked with a creamy texture products on cheeks, eyelids and lips combining them with Dr. Lipp sweet potato tint.

Any tips for someone at home looking to re-create this?

For anyone who would like to create this look at home I would say , concentrate on a skin prep mainly. Don’t overuse powder or concealer it’s really unnecessary! Also mix your favourite creamy blusher (or lipstick) with any Dr.Lipp product and apply it all over the eyelid with your finger. Not only it’s a cool everyday look, but also has some skincare benefits 🙂

I love the fact that it really works! Dr.Lipp stays for really long time. It has this thick consistency, but in the same time it's not sticky. How brilliant is that ?? I love using it also on the eyelids if I'm going for this wet eyelid look!

What was the day like on set?

The vibe on set was really great ! Everyone understood each other and was open for ideas. It was the first time I worked with everyone, so it’s really important when you have that click from beginning. We were all driven by the same goal to make the final images looking beautiful.

What would you say your signature beauty look is?

I’m obsessed with perfecting the skin, so I always spend time to prep the skin before and then using as little foundation as possible. My favourite look is this healthy , dewy skin , brushed eyebrows and a colour on the lips. It is also my everyday look.

Do you use cruelty and additive free beauty products in your kit?

Yes I do use a lot of cruelty free products. However not everything in my kit is cruelty free yet … I am still working on it. It is shame that those big brands like Mac they stopped being cruelty free just because they wanted to be sold on a Chinese market. I try to choose cruelty – free products as I’m hoping that even with a small choices like that we make a difference to the animals and to our planet. Killing a little bunny just for a sake of having a lipstick it’s not quite the same, as killing it to survive. Sad truth.

What can we all do to be a little bit more green or ethical as a make-up artist?

I think by choosing cruelty free brands or choosing for example cotton buds that are plastic free (you can find those in Muij) or wipes which are decomposed.Some of the brands like Tata Harper is using only glass packaging for all their products. Lush for example is producing shampoo bars , so again no plastic packaging.

If  you weren’t a makeup artist, what would you be doing?

I would be a pilot or a scuba diving instructor 😉

Nov 2019
Nov 2019

What items should everyone have in their kit?

Dr. Lipp of course !! A Must Have ! And a good skincare is a must ! My favourite recently is this moisturiser from Rodial. Gives moisture plus this natural glow which we  all dream about !

Who is your dream client?

I have a few dream clients on my list. I definitely would looove to work with  a director Guillermo Del Toro or Christopher Nolan. Also high on my list is a model Lara Stone ! Would love to do her makeup.

Do you have any career highlights so far?

For sure working with James Blunt for BMW earlier this year. Shooting for brands like Porsche, New Balance, Nespresso, Ted Baker. All of that makes me think that it was worth fighting for my dreams.

What’s a day in the life like for you?

Everyday is different for me. This year I’ve been traveling for work to many places like Cape Town, Bologna, Amsterdam, Madrid, Maldives and many more … Sometimes I don’t even know I’ll be working on the next week ! So I always have to be prepared for any situation. Because of that it’s really hard for me to plan something ahead with my friends. But they all understand that

What is your best beauty advice?

Remember about the skincare! It’s actually the most important step in a whole process of doing makeup. In order for a makeup to look good , you need a good canvas. I am very surprised how often my models or actors saying that not every makeup artist prep their skin ! Quite shocking for me.