behind the look

Marla Belt

Makeup Artist

Jun 2018

We loooove her Vogue Japan shoot!

We’re going Behind The Look of this gorgeous Vogue Japan beauty shoot from makeup artist Marla Belt this month. Shot by photographer Ben Hassett and covering the beauty trends of the season, the model sports a high gloss, intensely black eye look with impeccable matte skin.

Despite begin such a bold and daring look, its relatively easy to achieve, Marla tells us. Apply black pencil to the lower lids and waterline, blend to the crease and pull out to elongate the eye shape. Repeat the step until the black is super intense and use a cotton bud dipped in makeup remover to create a clean gap at the side. Finish with a sheer layer of black cream colour and add extra gloss (we know just the thing)! For the gorgeous fresh skin, apply a moisturiser and buff in foundation – Marla used Weleda Skin Food and MAC Face and Body Foundation.

Feeling the fear of recreating the glossy eye look at home? Never fear! Marla has shared her best tips!

“For a colour glossy eye, blend pencil across lids then layer with matching shadow, or if using a dark pencil, apply a bright or jewel-toned shimmer shadow. Then, with your index finger or shadow brush, apply shiny lip balm like Dr.Lipp Original Nipple Balm to the centre of lids and feather out to shadow edge.

For a nude glossy eye, apply concealer or eyeshadow primer to even out lids then apply a sheer layer of Dr.Lipp Original Nipple Balm on top. Highlight inner eye corner & brow bone with a pearl highlighter like Benefit Watt’s Up.”

To create a flawless base, Marla cleanses the skin and massages with jojoba oil before taking off the excess with toner and moisturising. To prep lips she loves to use our gorgeous multipurpose balm, applying a thick layer and leaving to work its magic. Then, Marla will use an exfoliating cleansing wipe (she likes E.L.F. Makeup Remover Exfoliating Wipes) and finishes with more Dr.Lipp.

With this simple base in mind, it’s no surprise that Marla’s beauty pet peeve is too much makeup. “It’s refreshing and modern to focus on a feature, like brows or lips, playing them up with dramatic colour and leaving the base bare. I think contour and highlight is overused; it looks too obvious in daylight and only really works for video and film.” We totally agree, Marla! When we say we like to go natural, we really mean it! We’re totally on the same page, as Marla goes on to reveal that she uses many natural beauty products in her kit too, including coconut and jojoba oil, witch hazel to tone the skin, silk powder to control shine and natural brands such as Weleda, Dr.Haushka and Dr.Lipp of course!

She advises buying quality over quantity, keeping fewer items in our stash and using the best quality we can afford. Invest in prestige foundations because they feel luxurious and have an extensive shade range. A girl after our own hearts! If you are looking to try colour, be bold. “Makeup washes off so don’t be afraid to try techniques and colours” she tells us.

Marla is signed to Streeters agency, one of the most prolific agencies across the globe, and she cites signing to Streeters as her first major milestone; “Beverley Streeter has encouraged me so much and been a great support when I started on my own. My agent Rachel is amazing and strong force behind my career,” she tells us. So what’s next for Marla? Aside from her non-beauty hobbies of sewing, painting, reading and birdwatching, she’s like to develop a cosmetic line that challenges the modern precepts of beauty.

And there’s always her career highlight, which she believes it yet to come! Watch this space!

Jun 2018

Since I’ve been using Dr.Lipp Original Nipple Balm in my makeup kit, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in the way I prep lips for shoots. I apply Dr.Lipp first so it softens the lip texture so I can exfoliate the dead skin!