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Marie Thomsen

Marie Thomsen

Makeup Artist

Feb 2019

Shows us ‘simple statement’ makeup for this Marie Claire UK shoot!

Whether she’s riding a bike with her beauty kit in tow, or travelling to exotic locations for a shoot, Marie Thomsen always delivers gorgeous ‘simple statement’ looks! And we are obsessed!

Can you tell us about the inspiration for this look? 

This look is a mix of a classic strong, feminine and at the same time delicate woman, with the bright matte red lip, porcelain skin, soft brown eye shadow and neatly brushed brows.

What products did you use?

The key products I used for this look are: Young Blood Loose Mineral Foundation, Mac Strobe Cream, Mac retro Matte lipstick in ‘Feel so Grand’, and Mac Paint Pot ‘quite Natural’ and clear brow gel.

Any tips for anyone at home wanting to recreate this look?

Always make sure your base is in the best condition possible, clean (perhaps exfoliate if needed) and really well moisturized. This look is very simple and strong so it shouldn’t be hard to recreate, the importance is to make every detail perfect. Start with base, make it flawless, enhance luminosity with highlighter, apply eye shadow in a light brown tone at the lower part of the lid and blend all the way to the brow, and apply a little under the lower lash line too. Make sure it’s really blended out into the skin, but there is no blunt lines. Brush brows upwards with a gel, use one with color if you think you need more definition. Spend all the time you need on making the lips perfect. I didn’t use a lip-liner here as applying this color is made easy with the lip gloss-like applicator and when it dries it moves nowhere. Keep a batch of makeup remover and tiny cotton buds (I like the ones from Muji) at hand to quickly correct mistakes.

Dr.Lipp is so naturally moisturising!

What was it like on set?

I  find that the people I work with always try to have a good vibe on set, this is the way we get the best pictures. When we shot this beauty for Marie Claire UK everyone was in a good mood although we were very busy. We had a lot of pictures to shoot in not so much time, but we all kept the good spirit and I think you can see that from the outcome.

What would you say your signature beauty look is?

I love simple statement makeup. For instance perfect skin, soft everything and then a super bold eyeliner, lip or a dash of glitter. I personally don’t like when too much is happening and it becomes very ‘Glamourous’, I like to keep a feeling of raw simplicity in my work, so you see the model and the makeup almost becomes a sort of jewellery added to her look.

Do you use cruelty-free beauty products in your kit?

Absolutely, I wish all my products could be not just cruelty free, but sustainable all around. Hopefully this will be the future of makeup.

What can we all do to be a little bit more green or ethical as a make-up artist?

Make sure to know that the products we use are ethically produced and/ or have ethical intentions such as donating, recycling i.e. Another important note is to rethink before shopping, we very often have products already that will do the job in our kit, so think twice before makeup shopping and use what you have till you hit pan. A lot of brands also take back packaging to recycle it and if you have spare products at home you don’t use pass them on before they reach best by date. Donate to women shelters, charity or simply friends.

Feb 2019
Marie Thomsen
Feb 2019

What would you be doing if you were not a makeup artist? 

If I weren’t a MUA I think I’d work in WWF or another organisation, or take acting lessons. I think it must be so interesting to try to understand another character and go into depth with another personality.

What items should everyone have in their kit?

I have so many products I have to have in my kit, so it’s hard but these are what comes into mind first: Weleda skin food, good quality lash curler and brushes (obviously) Bobby brown BBU pallet, MAC SPF Mineral foundation, Kevyn Acuyn translucent powder, Dr.Lipp balm, Glossier cloud paints, Benefit Hoola, RMS living luminizer highlighter, Lancome last extreme mascara, Mac Kohl liner in ’teddy’  Ohhh this is sooo hard I could go on and on…

Who is your dream client? 

I love doing Helena Christensen and Liv Tyler’s makeup so these are already dream clients I’m working with, but I’d also love to do the makeup of Kate Moss and Bjork. Both women with amazing style and big personalities.

Do you have any career highlights so far?

I felt very honoured to do the makeup for the Danish Crown Princess Mary, when she presented her first born to the world (press). But highlights as such are hard to pick out, I just really love my job. I loved working with Liv Tyler in China, also because it was amazing to be in such an exotic country with her. And last month I worked in Rome with actress Sylvia Hoeks. Trips like these with talented, beautiful women to exotic destinations are great memories I’ll have forever.

What is a day in the life like for you?

I wake up with my 8 year old daughter, we always sit down and eat a good healthy breakfast with eggs, yoghurt, fruits, bread coffee i.e. After I send her to school I usually get my Christiana bike (a cargo bike, very danish thing) and go to work with my entire kit in the bike. Business is small in Copenhagen so I usually know the people I’m working with really well. It’s a friendly business and I love that. Then I come home hang out with my girl, perhaps do a blogpost for my beauty blog do some yoga in the living room after dinner perhaps and that’s usually it. Oh and like to I read or listen to a podcast or audio book in bed with a little incense lit to create a calm atmosphere before sleep.

What is the best piece of beauty advice you ever received?  

The best I’ve received is ‘beauty comes from within’.  This is true, but my advice is also treat yourself well, look after yourself, eat well, sleep well, find a workout that suits your personality, love yourself. And moisturise more than you think, and use a Vitamin A cream ( I do this every night and wouldn’t go without). Seriously look after your skin.

Feb 2019