behind the look

Jenny Coombs

Makeup Artist

We’re so in love with the oily, black eyelids and beautiful hydrated skin in this shot of Phoebe Collings-James! Jenny told us about how she created it: “Dr Lipp was one of the main components for me to create this makeup look – I gently dabbed it onto the skin for a sweaty texture, applied it onto the bare lips and mixed it with a cream eyeshadow for that beautiful black, greasy effect on the lids.”

Jenny Coombs
May 2013

Dr Lipp is such a flexible product thanks to its great texture and pure, healing ingredient. Not only does it hydrate the lips and other dry areas (cuticles, dry/sore patches), but you can mix it with other makeup products such as lipstick or cream blusher for a healthy sheen or high-shine. It is a staple product in my makeup kit and handbag - I wouldn't go anywhere without it!