behind the look

Jade Bird

Makeup Artist

Jade Bird
Aug 2016

We adore the fresh look that Jade has created for the models of Millie Mackintosh’s new lookbook. This is the perfect no-makeup-makeup for summer, as the products are multi-purpose and can be easily slipped into a beach bag. Jade tells us the trick is to use cream formulas, as they blend easily and don’t look patchy when applied on damp, moisturised skin. Powder be gone!


  1. Start with moisturiser and a light base to ensure the skin look fresh and dewy
  2. Use a tan-coloured balm for definition on the cheeks and eyes
  3. Pop on a coat of mascara
  4. Finish with Dr.Lipp’s Original Nipple Balm on your lips, for a natural shine

Try warming Dr Lipp in between your palms and pressing it lightly onto the skin for a beautiful glow.