behind the look

Fiona Eustace

Makeup Artist

On her Gorgeous shoot for Marie Claire with Katherine Ryan!

Fiona Eustace is our lovely makeup artist for this month’s edition of Behind The Look, featuring her Marie Claire shoot with comedian Katherine Ryan, shot by Carla Guler. From Fiona’s signature glowing skin looks to her love for a good lip balm, we couldn’t wait to hear more about this gorgeous editorial!

Always start with the skin, explains Fiona. Having a good base and prepping the skin is super important and often overlooked – that’s why she keeps a selection of sheetmasks and lip scrubs on hand to say goodbye to tired and dry skin (and we know just the thing for treating chapped lips)! To re-create this amazing look, Fiona says you just need to enhance your natural beauty. ‘Challenge yourself to try and use fewer products and to apply it just where you need it instead of all over.  Use a dab of gloss on the lips over a sheer lipstick to create the illusion of bigger lips; we don’t need to overdraw them.  Use some of the lipstick and dab on the apple of your cheeks to create a soft natural flush.  Use a soft kohl eyeliner and make sure it is applied on and in-between your eyelashes at the base, this can then be smudged to create the illusion of thicker lashes and will also make the eyes pop.  With a coat or two of mascara and a brush up of the brows and you’re ready to go!’

Jul 2018

"I really loved how easy Dr.Lipp was to carry around in my handbag. I found I used it a lot on my cuticles and on my heels...miracle balm!"

Jul 2018

And with Katherine’s fave Cardi B tunes playing in the background, there is always a fun and chilled atmosphere on set. Straying from her love of flushed cheeks and a bold lip, Fiona kept this Marie Claire shoot fresh using only muted shades and letting her signature look of glowing shin speak for itself!  ‘I love makeup but I don’t like it as a mask. I love to highlight someone’s natural beauty and make their skin glow to make them feel confident in their own skin.  Even when we did a heavy smokey eye for Katherine at the Baftas recently, I still let the skin breathe and let the eyes do all the talking.’

Just like us, Fiona loves natural products! ‘I think we are all more aware that what we put on our skin is as important as what we put inside our bodies, as our skin is our biggest organ. More and more of my clients like to know what’s in the products that I’m using on them now and I love making new discoveries.  Science has come a long way!’

While we were picking Fiona’s brains about the shoot, we couldn’t help but ask her best bit of beauty tip: ‘My mum gave me the best beauty advice; she would always wear lipstick, even if she was just popping to the shops.  She always told me to use lipstick as it brightens up your face and she was the one who taught me to apply a little of your lipstick to your cheeks. I’ve been using this tip even before my career started. And always look after yourself inside and out, drink plenty of filtered water, eat fresh and always take off your makeup.’

We couldn’t agree more!

Jul 2018