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Dani Guinsberg

Makeup Artist

On Her RED Magazine editorial!

They say never to work with children or animals, but it would seem that RED Magazine operates by its own set of rules! On this particular shoot, featuring a party scene set at a country house, it was a four-legged star that threatened to steal the show… with fabulous results.

Citing her main passions outside her obviously dominant love of makeup as “films and animals”, this shoot was a perfect fit for the talented Dani Guinsberg. “What I love most about the image is my own personal love of dogs, and the fresh face of the model.” Particularly elaborating on the latter, she agrees that this image is a good reflection of her overall style of work.

This style is something she has been honing for over 22 years as a professional makeup artist, and one she now shares with students at the makeup school she founded in 2008 – The Session School in London.

Dani Guinsberg
Feb 2017
Feb 2017


In the beginning The Session School truly was a passion project in its purest form, and the sheer amount of hours it took to get off the ground is testament enough to that fact. In order to work towards opening the school, Dani had to find whatever time she could in between regular jobs to pay the bills. “In effect  it was like working two full time jobs.” How did she stay motivated through that teething period? Genuine love of and belief in what she does.

“I have always been a natural teacher,” she explains, “and care about people, and helping them fulfil their potential in whatever they are doing.” This ethos is evident in her dedication to the school, but also in her makeup work itself. She describes her signature style as “a light touch”, preferring to use her talents as a means of highlighting natural beauty.

Explaining that she applies the same philosophy to her clients as she would to herself, she reiterates “you would never catch me with a full face of makeup painted on, and nor do I want my models to look like that.” In fact, naturally beautiful skin is somewhat of her trademark… and that’s where skincare comes in.

Dr.Lipp feels like it is not just protecting lips but actually enhancing your natural lip colour. It stays for a long time, which means your lipstick stays longer too.

Dani Guinsberg
Dani Guinsberg

“Makeup and skincare cannot be without each other – good skin leads to great makeup and great makeup leads to protecting and maintaining good skin.”

Dani’s opinion on skincare is certainly one to listen to, as exploring its ins and outs has been a life-long passion. “I was born caring about skincare,” she explains, “from a young age I loved lotions and potions.” Citing the most important skincare practice as “a double cleanse to begin with”, it soon becomes clear that with a brief to keep the girls looking natural and healthy, it was more than just a love of dogs that made Dani perfect for this particular shoot.

The look on the day was created over a base of facial oil and lightweight moisturiser to ensure the skin was looking fresh, and Dani opted for a liquid bronzer to keep the sunkissed glow subtle and natural. After all, there’s no need to be over the top when you’ve got a co-star that cute!

Find The Session School at, and follow Dani on instagram @daniguinsbergmua.